WESSLING Hungary Kft. wins Superbrands award!

You can read about our lab's Superbrands award here.


WESSLING-laboratory: analysis and consultancy for continuous improvement of quality, food safety, environmental protection and health protection.


We tailor our services to your needs.

Our high standard laboratory analyses, engineering, scientific and consultancy work, quality performance and the wide range of our services: all of these are aimed at fostering customer relationships based on mutual trust and confidence.

Több lehet a mikroműanyag a természetben, mint gondoltuk

Egy most záruló K+F projekt során olyan mintavételi módszert fejlesztett ki egy független laboratórium, amellyel sokkal pontosabb és megbízhatóbb eredményeket kaphatunk a mikroműanyagok kutatása során...

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A WESSSLING az ELTE TTK nyílt napján

Az Eötvös Loránd Tudományegyetem Természettudományi Kara az idei évben is megrendezte Nyílt Napját, amelyen a WESSLING Hungary Kft. az egyetem partnercégeként vett részt.

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Career at WESSLING

We offer exciting professions, interesting apprenticeship positions and attractive career opportunities. You can enter as a graduate or with previous experience, start your training or get to know our international company as a student trainee.

WESSLING international

We are at 26 locations in Europe and China in your area and internationally, wherever our customers need us.

  • Germany
  • Poland
  • France
  • Switzerland
  • Russia
  • China
  • Serbia
  • Hungary
  • Romania
1400 Staff
9 Country
26 Locations

Company profile

Winners of the WESSLING Innovation Award 2018

The WESSLING Innovation Award

A working atmosphere which is conducive to the formulation and development of good ideas is not only fun but is also a vehicle for success.

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group photo WESSLING Strategy Meeting 2018

The history of the family-owned enterprise WESSLING

From family business start-up in 1983 to the WESSLING Group and provider of international analysis and consultancy services.

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WESSLING electro scooter

Sustainability at WESSLING

Our pathway to the future: sustainability is firmly anchored in the corporate strategy and in our internal and external operational procedures at WESSLING. Our international team works together and continuously to abide by our high standards of environmental stewardship and social corporate responsibility.

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group photo of WESSLING management

Company profile

As a family-owned enterprise from the Münsterland region of Germany, we enjoy an excellent reputation – both nationally and internationally. We are an independent company, and having close relations with our customers are very important to us. This is why we offer our services at 25 locations in Europe and China.

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