A laboratory for the analyses in the future

In the new facility called GreenLab set up by the WESSLING Group which operates an international network of laboratories the materials tested will be assessed whether or not they are capable of decaying or composting under natural conditions for instance in the soil or in water without doing any harm to the environment. The services of the laboratory, a unique feature in France, may allow the marketing of highly safe products with the product certificate issued by the Budapest Knowledge Centre of the group.

“At first, we will mainly be carrying out compostability tests of paper based packaging materials in the laboratory. Test will be extended soon to other products, such as cutlery, sachets, mulching film, etc. We make efforts to support our customers in their ever stronger desire to limit their impact on the environment” – Mr. Jean-François CAMPENS, Managing Director of WESSLING France says.

The development of this new laboratory in France was encouraged and accelerated by cooperation with the Gault & Frémont group, a French packaging manufacturer for paper, cardboard and baking solutions.

A feature of the a room in the laboratory is that it has special sealed walls that make it possible to maintain an internal temperature of 25°C and that it is kept in darkness in order to comply with the composting conditions defined by the standards according to which the compostability tests are carried out. compostability and biodegradability tests in different environments. To simulate industrial composting conditions, the WESSLING GreenLab carries out biodegradation tests in an oven set at 58°C. The laboratory also has a growth chamber for ecotoxicological tests on plants. These tests are necessary to ensure that compost containing degraded material does not affect plant development.

In its Budapest Knowledge Centre, WESSLING carries out complex product certifications associated with the laboratory analyses – for packaging materials and products in contact with food items, among others. Expert assessment and certification furnishing evidence of product conformity serves mainly the health and confidence of consumers and the safety of manufacturers, distributors, beside representing market benefits. With the coupling of the two services WESSLING group provides a substantial assistance to safe and successful marketing of new type environmentally friendly products.