WESSLING Hungary Kft.

WESSLING Hungary Kft.

A WESSLING Hungary Environmental, Food safety, Health and Quality Service Kft. has been present in the Hungarian market for two decades.

Accredited areas of activity:

•    Environmental analyses
•    Food and feed analyses
•    Pharmaceutical analyses
•    Consulting and training
•    Research and development

Why choose WESSLING?

•    Our laboratory is an independent service provider in the area of chemical analysis;
•    Tests are performed to the best of our knowledge and conscience, impartially and without undue outside influence;
•    We provide consulting and laboratory services covering complex – legal, technological and quality management – aspects;
•    Our accreditation is extensive;
•    State-of-the-art methods and technologies are applied;
•    Our colleagues are outstanding experts, also widely recognized by the professional community;
•    Problems of our customers’ are solved as efficiently as possible after a thorough analysis;
•    Our range of services and capacity are extended by the close connection to the European WESSLING Network.

 International WESSLING Network