WESSLING Hungary Kft.

WESSLING Hungary Environmental, Food Safety, Health and Quality Service Kft. has been at the service of the Hungarian market and market players for more than twenty years.


Our accredited areas of activity:


- Food and feed analysis

- Environmental analysis

- Pharmaceutical analysis

- Consulting and education

- Research and development


Why choose WESSLING Hungary Environmental, Food Safety Health and Quality Service Kft.?


- Services of an independent company in the field of laboratory and chemical analyses;

- Analyses performed without undue external influence, inpartially, to the best of our knowledge and conscience;

- Consulting and laboratory services meeting complex – legal, technological and quality management – criteria;

- Wide range of accreditation;

- Analytical methods based on state-of-the-art technologies;

- Our colleagues our eminent experts, widely recognized by the profession and the professionals;

- Problem solving characterized by thorough preliminary analysis and efficiency;

- Service range and laboratory capacity extended by the close relationship with the European WESSLING Network.