Another group of young visitors in the WESSLING Knowledge Centre

In January, the Wessling Knowledge Centre was visited by graduate students from Pesti Barnabás Élelmiszeripari Szakközépiskola és Szakgimnázium (Food Processing Secondary School)

The goal of the visit was primarily to have a hands-on experience of what a modern testing laboratory, meeting 21 century conditions, is like and have a close view of how the instruments and machines indispensable for certain food tests - of which the students have so far only heard at school - operate in practice.

Being graduate students, the young visitors also obtained important experiences about how they can take advantage of the knowledge they acquired and the certificate in proof of it in real life. The visit of the students and their form master was organised by Wessling Hungary Kft.’s former colleague, Mrs. Szomor Lotti Orosz, who also accompanied the group on the visit.

The visit to the Knowledge Centre included a thematic presentation and a tour of the laboratory: Tímea Konecsny from Wessling Hungary Kft.’s Marketing Department presented the company’s history from its establishment through its years of growth until the present day. Today, WESSLING operates as an internationally renowned network of laboratories. The brand name is a guarantee of quality, of accurate and objective test results and of corporate social responsibility focusing on areas like the protection of the environment and health, and food safety.

Following a general introduction about the company, the meeting continued with a thematic presentation by Gábor Balázs, head of Wessling Hungary Kft.’s food testing laboratory. The presentation explained what it means if a laboratory is independent and accredited; what methods the expert apply to test and measure the product and material samples arriving at the laboratory; how the company’s internal management system is set up and why it is indispensable for a company to dispose over standards corresponding to its profile.

Following the presentation, the head of the laboratory presented his area of expertise, the Food Safety Division and a number of different tests the laboratory conducts (chemical, microbiological, organoleptic, and molecular biological; pesticides in food, animal feed and waters; toxic metal and mycotoxin tests; food supplement and packaging material tests). The speaker also devoted attention to the multitude of technical instruments assisting laboratory engineers in their work, including chromatographs and spectroscopes.

The highly instructive presentation was followed by a tour in the laboratory. Here, curious students gained an insight into the everyday operation of the following laboratories: Laboratory for Sample Reception and Food Testing; Order Management Unit; Laboratory for Sample Distribution, Homogeniser and Sample Storing Facility; Classic Laboratory; Chromatography Instrument Centre; Organoleptic Inspection Lab.

The visitors listened carefully to the brief presentations delivered at the various locations, and were pleased to follow the way of the sample – now in a real situation – through the various laboratories.

Thanks to the tour in the laboratory, the theoretical knowledge the students acquired at school during their studies and the information they received from the head of the laboratory Gábor Balázs in the half hour presentation right before the tour became real, practical and tangible experiences. The students also met WESSLING’s experts in the various laboratories who explained their specific area of expertise and the tasks they perform at the company in a few words.