WESSLING: a family business

Ever since 1983 WESSLING stands for high technical and professional standards, and customer orientation. A family business now an international network – the components of its business success, including pragmatism, innovation, creativity and precision forming a highly successful combination.


WESSLING Knowledge Center is the first member of an international laboratory network in Hungary. Market leader in environmental-, food- and health safety. It has been conducting its accredited tests, providing expert advices and offering laboratory services for nearly 30 years. Its employees are highly skilled and experienced, and its technical equipment and facilities are world-class. Its values include a commitment to quality, transparency, customer orientation, reliability, expertise, authentic and accurate communication.

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Supers respond well to challenges

The WESSLING Knowledge Center has the Superbrands Business Award in 2022 as well!

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Legionella is attacking again and again!

The bacterium lurking in water systems, Legionella, poses a serious health risk based on laboratory measurements. Regular inspections are therefore mandatory, with particular attention to the water systems of baths and industrial facilities.

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WESSLING Superbrands Award in 2021 Again!

You can read about our lab's Superbrands award.