The second generation owners of the family business

Julia and Florian Weßling, co-managers, are now responsible for WESSLING GmbH in Germany. The international WESSLING Group is headed by Julia Weßling, as managing director.

Die geschäftsführenden Gesellschafter Julia Weßling und Florian Weßling sowie die Gesellschafterinnen Anna und Diana Weßling

Diana Weßling is the spokeswoman for the family business; she represents the company in its cooperation with various federations and committees. Since Anna Weßling spent five years building up the division in Shanghai, a present she is responsible for the coordination of the international processes and developments in China and the entire Group.

Management director of WESSLING Hungary Kft’s.

Dr László Zanathy

Dr László Zanathy

Managing directors of WESSLING Germany

Florian Weßling

Florian Weßling

Marc Hitzke

Marc Hitzke

Managing directors of the international sites

Get to know the faces that characterise WESSLING in Europe and China.

Wessling Group

Anna Weßling

Managing Shareholder WESSLING Group (WESSLING Holding GmbH & Co. KG)

Wessling Group

Arnold Gehlen

Managing Director WESSLING Group (WESSLING Holding GmbH & Co. KG)

Jean-François Campens


Jean-François Campens

Managing director of WESSLING France (Laboratoires WESSLING S.A.R.L.).


Arkadiusz Król

Managing director of WESSLING Poland (WESSLING Polska Sp. z o.o.).


Rafał Ostrowski

Managing Director WESSLING Polska Sp. z o.o. (WESSLING Polska Sp. z o.o.).

Ioan Hasegan


Ioan Hasegan

Managing director of WESSLING Romania (WESSLING Romania SRL).

Dr. László Zanathy


László Zanathy

Managing Director WESSLING Hungary Kft. (WESSLING Hungary)

Yulia Yartseva


Yulia Yartseva

Managing director of WESSLING Russia.

Michael Jahnz


Dr Michael Jahnz

Managing Director WESSLING Consulting (Shanghai) Ltd. / 维斯聆环保信息咨询(上海)有限公司 (WESSLING Shanghai, China)


Dr Heinrich Kalt

Managing Director WESSLING Switzerland

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Antibiotics resistant bacteria in foodstuff

As the research published on the website of the scientific Journal of Food Investigation (ÉVIK) revealed the bacteria resistant to antibiotics pose more and more challenges not only in human and veterinary medicine, but also in food processing.

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We planted 36 saplings as a result of the first virtual bicycle race of WESSLING

55 colleagues from the international network took part in the event, and together they cycled 7200 km in one week. For the race we had two key objectives: climate protection and healthy lifestyle.

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