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This page is a collection of the latest information and news on the WESSLING Group and its Hungarian subsidiary: our news, press releases and corporate communications.

WESSLING at the Green Globe Festival

The Green Globe Festival opened its gates on 27 October 2019 for the third time this year.

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Ten thousand reasons to examine indoor air quality

Volatile organic compounds, fungi, Legionella: these substances and micro-organisms, harmful for the human health, can be easily breathed in even without stepping out of your home or office.

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Microbiological tests quickly and safely

An important criterion of marketability of food products is their microbiological importance. When the statutory tests are made, required by the low, manufacturers focus on quickness. How these two criteria can be reconciled?

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They have reached the table from the lake: Hungarian fish is excellent!

In all areas, Hungary's first comprehensive survey of fish pond contamination, organic and inorganic pollutants in fish, the effects of processing and transport, and microbiological risks has produced positive results.

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Corporate culture at WESSLING makes ideas sparkle

The winners of the grand innovation prize of the WESSLING Group have been announced. For the twelfth time now, the consulting and analysis company has honoured the pioneering ideas of its employees.

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Smart shopping! - an awareness-raising campaign was launched at OMÉK

Pesticides in food. Are we eating packaging? Microbes have the last word. Are we doping and don't know about it? WESSLING Hungary Kft. announced the launch of the series of ‘Smart shopping!’ articles at OMÉK, Hungary's most important food trade fair.

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Boldog hal – elégedett fogyasztó

Jöjjön el a HappyFish projekt zárókonferenciájára, amelyet október 3-án tartanak Gödöllőn.

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Jöjjön el az OMÉK-ra, a WESSLING szakmai konferenciájára!


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Cooperation with the University of Debrecen

The most up-to-date laboratory tools and methods are available to the students of the University of Debrecen owing to the new collaboration between the Faculty of Agricultural and Food Sciences and Environmental Management and Wessling Hungary Kft.

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