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Our professional experience and expertise – built up by the WESSLING Group over more than 35 years and by WESSLING Hungary Kft. in over 25 years – confer a substantial responsibility on us also in terms of the dissemination of scientific knowledge, consultancy and the provision of information.

Ever since its establishment in 1983 WESSLING has been a source of inspiration and innovation. This is the very basis of our identity. The WESSLING Innovation Award was launched in 2018 to reward innovative ideas and solutions coming from employees of each of our 26 branch units. The annual Innovation Award is worth EUR 10,000 for each awardee.

Innovation is the engine of the continued development and improvement of our services. Our managers like to support a corporate culture in which creativity and ideas can be fostered for more and more fully satisfying the needs of our customers.

WESSLING consistently focuses on transferring know-how transfer and on seeking for economically efficient methods in order to generate value and convincing benefits for its customers.

This is reflected by the company’s intensive exchange and in the cooperation agreements concluded with universities and technical colleges, its participation in research and development projects and the involvement of DIN committees and expert bodies.

To ensure transparency WESSLING has adopted the German Sustainability Code (GSC) regarding sustainability certification data. At the time of the adoption of the GSC the German government established the standards of compliance with clear-cut criteria and performance indicators pertaining to corporate responsibility.

WESSLING Hungary Kft. has also made major efforts during recent years to expand and deepen its CSR activity. These efforts have resulted in a variety of projects whereby we could provide schoolchildren, students and citizens in general with useful assistance and information, as proven by a number of different prizes, awards and other forms of recognition.

WESSLING Knowledge Center is the first member of an international laboratory network in Hungary. Market leader in environmental-, food- and health safety. It has been conducting its accredited tests, providing expert advices and offering laboratory services for nearly 30 years. Its employees are highly skilled and experienced, and its technical equipment and facilities are world-class. Its values include a commitment to quality, transparency, customer orientation, reliability, expertise, authentic and accurate communication.

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WESSLING is consistently focused on the transfer of know-how and the search for economically efficient ways to add value and convincing benefits for the customers. This is reflected in a lively exchange of views and cooperation arrangements with universities and technical colleges, in participation in research and development projects, and in involvement with DIN committees and panels of experts.

WESSLING has signed up to the German Sustainability Code (DNK) in the interests of transparency with regard to its sustainability credentials. In adopting the DNK, the German government has established a standard of compliance with clear criteria and performance indicators for corporate responsibility.

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Hungarian help can reduce pollution in Montenegro

Based on the decision of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology, WESSLING Hungary Kft. also won a tender for a climate protection project in the Western Balkans: the energy utilization of waste was studied in Montenegro.

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Our managing director Dr. László Zanathy received an award for the protection of the environment

In recent years, many of our excellent colleagues have received important professional recognition, and this time our managing director Dr. László Zanathy earned the Hungarian Chamber of Engineers' Environmental Protection Award.

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„Together with our network, we are committed to visionary ideas, solutions which protect the environment, and projects which promote collaboration.“