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Social responsibility is very high on the agenda at WESSLING. Let us not wait until society needs to be revived – let’s teach and protect it instead!

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We have created a CSR system during the past ten years the like of which is not to be found in Hungary or even in Central Europe.

We are more proud of having reached tens of thousands of schoolchildren and students, and millions of citizens, with our scientific and knowledge disseminating activities, than we are of our most prestigious domestic prizes and awards.

We have been making outstanding achievements from the aspect of social utility in the following three major fields:

  • education
  • provision of scientific information
  • facilitating causes of public interest with analyses


WESSLING International Research and Educational Center Nonprofit Ltd. has been launched to promote theoretical and practical separation technology training in tertiary education institutions. Alongside the marketing department the Kft. plays a major role in conducting CSR programmes.

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The Joint Research and Training Laboratory on Separation Techniques (EKOL) was set up by Faculty of Natural Sciences and the Institute of Chemistry of Eötvös Loránd University, and WESSLING Hungary Kft. to develop new measurement techniques with the help of gas chromatography (GC) and high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC). The research institute has, for ten years now, been playing an immense role in chemistry education in Hungary: dozens of students have been and are conducting research at the laboratory: as many as 15 papers have been prepared here in the context of the Students' Scholarly Circles, along with 49 theses and 8 PhD theses.

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Laborkaland (Laboratory Adventures) is an online chemistry contest and interactive training day, with example problems taken from everyday life, for secondary school students who are interested how the world around us works. Tens of thousands of students have participated so far and hundreds have visited our laboratory together with the scientific experience centre of the Palace of Miracles. Laborkaland won the CSR Hungary award in 2016.

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Peti and Petra

The objective of the national drawing competition is to develop the way children view the world visually and their environmental skills and proficiencies. Winners in three age groups (pre-school, children in the first and the second four years of primary school) are given valuable gifts and invited to study tours. The competition was aimed at drawing attention to the need to protect our rivers and lakes – more than 200 beautiful works of art were produced. Our awareness raising campaign earned us the CSR Hungary award in 2016 and 2017.

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Hungalimentaria conference

The objective of the conference and exhibition Hungalimentaria, organised biannually in cooperation with the National Food Chain Safety Office (NÉBIH) is to present and demonstrate scientific as well as practical aspects of analytical chemistry, microbiology and molecular biology to professionals and technicians of laboratories performing tests and analyses on foodstuffs and livestock feed, decision makers using test and analytical results as well as the key participants of the food industry. Hungalimentaria is the most high profile domestic food safety event, with up to nearly 300 participants and 20-30 exhibitors as well as nearly 60 presentations delivered each time. The patrons of Hungalimentaria include prominent representatives of the competent authorities and key policy makers.

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Journal of Food Investigations

The Journal of Food Investigations plays a key role in food science, a true professional forum for professionals and technicians of universities, authorities, laboratories and research institutions. The responsibility for editing and publishing the journal was taken over by WESSLING Nonprofit Kft. in 2014, redesigning its appearance and turning it into a bilingual publication. The are available online and can be digitally downloaded, therefore now both the international professional community and interested market participants have easy access to its upgraded new content as well as the archived materials.

On to the Journal of Food Investigations page is a website designed and operated with the aim of promoting science presents our more than two decades of experience and much of the knowledge accumulated in our laboratory: we have released nearly 300 articles, quoted and referred to in both scientific and mainstream media, delivering our useful messages of public concern to millions of people. has become one of the most important scientific portals in Hungary.

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We have put together a list of hundreds of dietary supplements that definitely do not contain any of the 85 most problematic illicit substances (dopes). The products tested in our laboratory are accessible at for anyone, even to search in terms of manufacturer, product name and product category. The unique database is extremely useful for professional and amateur athletes and sports clubs alike.

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Hungary’s Sugar-free Cake

The Hungary’s Sugar-free Cake competition organised by One Drop Attention Foundation, an organisation fighting for the prevention and early detection of diabetes, has been supported by WESSLING Hungary Kft. by its laboratory testing service. And the test results show how it is possible to make fantastic cakes even without using white flour and added sugar. The winner of the competition is announced in Parliament each year and the cake can be tasted first during the 20 August festivities.

Tiny Plastic Puzzle

It was together with its partners (OVF, MAVÍZ, PET Kupa, CSOPA) that WESSLING Hungary Kft. launched in 2018 its project under the title “Tiny Plastic Puzzle”, with the aim of examining the microplastic contamination of the river Danube and its tributaries, after measurements taken in the river Tisza. The results are a major milestone in the management of environmental risks posed by microplastics.

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