Sponsorship, charity and free tests

WESSLING Hungary Kft. – an undertaking operating independent laboratories – is committed to the improvement of the quality of life, as is declared in the company’s motto.

This is why we spend substantial amounts on initiatives that can make major contributions to the achievement of this goal in their respective specific fields. Dozens of initiatives aimed at the introduction of new developments and methods in the public interest, ones that create communities and are aimed at health preservation training and research, university competitions and sports clubs, are sponsored by the company in the way of direct funding as well as free tests.

Some examples to illustrate the above:

Sponsoring of the “Cseppkő” (“Dripstone”) children’s home

WESSLING Hungary Kft’s colleagues donated two carloads of various articles, such as clothing items, toys, cosmetics and sports equipment to a children’s home in Budapest, before Christmas in 2018.


Analyses of the Year’s Sugar-free Cake for the seventh year running

One Drop Attention Foundation, an organisation fighting for the prevention and early detection of diabetes, has created tradition with this competition. The winner is announced and the winning Cake of Hungary each year in Parliament. The competition was announced by the One Drop Attention Foundation and the Board of the Hungarian Confectionery Industry, with the professional support of the National Institute for Food and Nutrition Science (OÉTI) and the Hungarian Dietetic Association, as well as WESSLING Hungary Kft. independent food laboratory .


Sponsoring the PET-Cup, an initiative for cleaning up the floodplain of the River Tisza

PET-Cup, one of the most creative environmental campaign in Hungary which was launched to clean up the floodplain of the River Tisza is now sponsored by WESSLING Hungary Kft. with onsite sampling and laboratory tests.


Urban honey analyses

A German arts group launched a hitherto unparalleled initiative – urban bee-keeping – in Budapest. With their local helpers they placed three beehives on the back terrace of Műcsarnok arts gallery, functioning from now on as a museum as well. It was announced at the press conference on Wednesday among other things that the analyses of WESSLING Hungary Kft. independent laboratory have proven that the honey produced in Budapest is completely in up to the relevant standards. We performed the tests free of charge, thereby supporting this fantastic imitative.


Sponsoring the Grofcsik András Memorial Competition organised by the Budapest Technical University

Large numbers of chemistry students participated from all over Hungary in the Grofcsik András Memorial Competition, organised by `the Budapest Technical University, to show at the contest on 28 February 2015 what the complex way of thinking and creativity of engineers is capable of in solving today’s topical technological problems. The example problems compiled by the departments concerned involved multiple fields of the chemical industry, such as food analysis, the pharmaceutical industry, the plastic industry, environmental protection, safety engineering and biotechnology. The winners of the whole day’s competition were rewarded with vouchers donated by WESSLING Hungary Kft. For the Company it was a great honour to be able to sponsor this brilliant initiative, because we are convinced that the domestic chemical industry is really in need of highly trained and creative workforce.


Product tests on national television

Product tests were carried out on more than 15 occasions over a one-year period (2013-2014) in a consumer protection programme on Hír TV (testing products such as hot dog sausages, mineral waters, snacks, raw meat, vegetables purchased at markets, Easter ham and chocolates). We carried out the costly laboratory tests free of charge because we were convinced that in cooperation with the media – at their request – we were obliged to provide people with authentic information and to help identify hazardous and dangerous food products.


Sponsoring the Alchemist Camp

The aim of the “Alchemist Camp”, a summer camp programme organised by the Museum of Chemistry since 2001 is to promote chemistry among students. Its participants are primary and secondary school students coming from all over Hungary, taking part in the programmes at the museum and other venues under supervision and guidance by teachers. We have been sponsoring the “camp” financially and by professional presentations for years now.

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