Drug Safety

The customer service function attached to the Health division is tasked with providing information...

Pharmaanalytik nicht steriler Produkte

on the laboratory services, drug release activities, making price quotations, preparing and updating of financial agreements and the delivery of test results.

It is always a pleasure to information our Partners about:

  • the work of the laboratory (review of GMP processes)
  • the types of tests and analyses on offer,
  • tests or analyses that are not or cannot be undertaken,
  • the amounts of sampled materials required for testing,
  • how to fill out the F-20 order form,
  • our stability storage services,
  • our activities relating to the re-testing of imported products for EU conformity (analytical method transfer, validation etc.),
  • the release of imported drugs,
  • the services relating to the release activities (e.g. API declarations, audits etc.)
  • drug warehousing.

 Moreover, we are also ready to help clarify technical or professional issues.

You have more question about drug safety?

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WESSLING Superbrands Award in 2021 Again!

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