How can a laboratory help a municipal government?

One may find it difficult to imagine what on earth a test laboratory may have to do with the life of a community. A joint initiative put into practice by the town of Gyomaendrőd in collaboration with the WESSLING Knowledge Centre however, shows that it can, indeed, make a world of difference! They analyse the community’s surface waters, thermal water, the railway line’s noise pollution and the quality of locally caught fish and they even contribute to the organic certification of the locally produced sea buckthorn which is used as raw material of lots of local products.

As Hungary’s leading analytical laboratory, WESSLING Hungary Kft. has, for many years, been laying particular emphasis on social responsibility and on providing people and economic participants with a wide range of information concerning its activities in analysing food and pharmaceutical products, in environmental protection and consultancy.

It was in this context that the Company has offered several of its services to the municipal government of the town of Gyomaendrőd, convinced that in view of laboratory test results the municipal government can take more efficient and effective actions in exploring and managing local issues, in urban development and even in accessing funding sources.

And all these possibilities were laid down in a contract after an oral agreement between Gyomaendrőd’s Mayor Balázs Toldi and WESSLING Hungary Kft’s Managing Director Dr. László Zanathy. Tests and analyses are carried out by the laboratory in the framework of social responsibility, while the municipal government provides the premises as well as expert assistance during the project.


Samples were taken at multiple locations; the water, and even the mud, of the river Körös and its backwaters were sampled in three sites. Locally caught fish were also analysed. The results may provide the town with crucially important information for subsequent development projects. The noise around the railway station is a major problem for local residents. Therefore one of WESSLING’s technicians spent half a day taking noise measurements in the area, matched the measurements to the railway timetables and now carries out a detailed analysis that may be used as a basis of various measures and actions in the future. Sea buckthorn growing is one of the municipal government’s important initiatives. The plant’s vitamin-rich berries are used for making a variety of products (including jam and syrup); no chemicals are used in its production therefore to enable organic certification the laboratory took samples from the soil and the plant for analyses to this end. And at the end of the day of sampling they even visited the well supplying the local thermal spa for samples to check for trace elements.


Sampling took place on 23 September with the help of the Mayor Balázs Toldi and technical manager Róbert Varjú, as well as a number of other local co-workers, and now the laboratory tests are being carried out. The results will be discussed at a joint press conference in October, after consultations with the leadership of the municipal government.