Environmental protection: Recognition of our colleague by the ministry

On the occasion of the World Day of Environment Minister for Agriculture István Nagy awarded a commemorative plaquette to our fellow worker Zoltán Palotai, head of the environmental business line at WESSLING Hungary Kft.

Without the devoted work of our professionals and teachers we could not tackle the global challenges we have to face. All this is indispensable for successfully preserving the treasures of Hungary and the Carpathian-basin for a long time – Minister for Agriculture István Nagy said on Monday in the Pesti Vigadó, at the handing over ceremony of the ministerial recognitions awarded on the occasion of the Earth Day, the World Day of the Environment and the Teacher’s Day.

Zoltán Palotai leads the environmental business line of WESSLING Hungary Kft., a company operating independent laboratories and top-ranking in environmental testing activities for more than a quarter century.

According to the laudation he deserved the distinguished professional acknowledgement for his work in exploring environmental contaminations and clean up efforts during the past decades.

“For the last twenty eight years, we have always delivered reliable test findings, clean up companies usually base their important decisions on the results obtained from our laboratory services and I am very proud of that. It is our common responsibility to ensure that the Earth remained our home, rich in natural treasures” – said Zoltán Palotai, who thinks that this award is at the same time a recognition to the environmental analytical activities of the WESSLING Knowledge Centre.