The Little Chestnut also arrived to the lab

The award-winning creation of the eight Sugar-Free Cake of Hungary competition was again tested in the food testing laboratory of WESSLING Hungary Kft. Once again, tests have confirmed that the cake is not only delicious but also healthy, it does not contain added sugar - it may be a good choice for diabetics.

The sugar-free creation of the Cappella Confectionery of Szeged won the Sugar-Free Cake of Hungary competition this year. The victory of the ‘Small Chestnut’ was announced in the Parliament together with the Cake of Hungary and the presentation of the programme for the 20 August celebrations.

The ‘Little Chestnut’, prepared without added sugar, contains only 14.9 grams of carbohydrates and 204 kcal per slice according to the calculations of the Hungarian Dietetic Association, therefore it is a good choice for diabetics also, but is recommended for anyone who cares about what ingredients are contained in the food they consume. 

Laboratory testing of the cake was performed by WESSLING Hungary Kft., an independent food testing laboratory. 

The cake:

  • free from added sugars and cereal flour
  • the flavour is based on chestnut, which is complemented by the pleasantly sour cranberries and the crunchy hazelnuts.
  • the top of the creation is covered with sugar-free milk chocolate surrounded by chocolate arches in a crown-like form.

The purpose of the competition is to draw the attention of pastry chefs to the growing demand for cakes with no added sugar, which can form part of a balanced diet.