WESSLING at the Green Globe Festival

The Green Globe Festival opened its gates on 27 October 2019 for the third time this year. The event, under the highest patronage of Dr. János Áder, President of the Republic of Hungary offered entertaining programmes and educational presentations in the topic of creating environmentally conscious lifestyles and environmental protection. WESSLING Hungary Kft. participated with a stand and a presentation on the joint organised event by the Globe (Földgömb) magazine and the Alliance of Environmental Service Providers and Manufacturers presenting the results of the HappyFish project.

Experts from our laboratory and from the Saint Steven University demonstrated the key outcomes of the HappyFish project to the audience of the Green Globe Festival.

HappyFish is the first comprehensive research project of Hungary where the contamination level of fish ponds, the organic and inorganic contaminants identified in fish, the impacts of processing and transportations, and the microbiological risks associated with them were tested.

Very positive, reassuring findings were made in the course of the research based on the cooperation of the private sector and academia with a budget of nearly 1.5 billion Hungarian forints for research and development in all areas – said Dr. Edit Kaszab, Assistant Professor at the Saint Steven University.

In the course of the study the habitat of the fish, that is fish pond water and sediment were examined, nearly 700 chemicals analysed and microbiological studies conducted. In the fish ponds tested the cumulative level of pharmaceutical products and pesticides/herbicides did not exceed even the limit set for drinking water, and the eco-toxicity tests aiming at the investigation of adverse biological effects were also closed with positive results and the lowest micro-plastic contents were also measured by Wessling experts in fish ponds of all surface waters.

The results from the Hungarian fresh water fish analysis fell way below the limits with respect to heavy metals in a European comparison – merely 21 of the 420 different pesticide chemicals tested could be detected in fish, and only one of the 150 pharmaceutical residues were found in the course of the tests and even these chemicals were determined at their respective detection level. From the microbiological perspective, the fishes tested proved to be free from pathogens.

While arsenic was measured in quantities way below the limit values determined for the other food items, carp is rich in selenium, which is a good news, since this element has an extremely positive impact on our nervous system!

In Hungary, one person eats an average 2.5 kilogram of carp during a year, but it can be concluded from the answers, that this figure would be higher, hadn’t it been for the bone of the fish – turned out from the representative consumer survey made during the project.

The tests carried out as part of the HappyFish project into several fields provide an extremely hopeful information: the consumption of domestic fresh water fish is safe and healthy from all aspects.

Project results were disseminated personally at the stand of the Green Globe Festival and interested parties – kids and adults, mixed – could obtain more information on the testing of fish with the help of a quiz.

Out laboratory performs its duty for 25 years by now in the fields of approximately, food safety and health protection using accredited testing protocols and providing consultant services. We at the WESSLING Knowledge Centre are committed to a more and more important role played in sustainable development and corporate social responsibility together with our staff members, experts, and the cooperating, helping universities, government inspection agencies and supporting organisation, research and development programmes.

Az Ön kapcsolata az élelmiszer-vizsgálatokhoz:

„Magasan kvalifikált laboratóriumi szakértőinknek köszönhetően megbízható, független élelmiszer-elemzést nyújtunk. Így segítünk ügyfeleinknek, hogy az általuk gyártott, forgalmazott élelmiszer valóban biztonságos, egészséges és finom legyen!“