Donation to a children’s home

Corporate social responsibility is at the heart of the company’s core values. In this spirit we provide a number of tasks for the common good which fall within our profile and in the course of which the experience accumulated in the WESSLING Knowledge Centre during more than 25 years and useful advices are shared with the general public and with the trade alike, including the educational activities carried out.

In this spirit we publish a professional journal (Food Testing Communications), operate a university research laboratory (Separation Technology Training and Research Laboratory, in conjunction with ELTE Institute of Chemistry), and this is why we set up the online chemistry contest called Laborkaland (laboratory adventure), and operate the scientific portal.

Beside all this, we find it was important to carry out such type of charity when we are able to help those in needs directly. This is why we announced the donation to the long standing Dripstone Children’s Home among our personnel.

This centre is an institution designed to provide replacement protection in the system of protection for children, providing home-type services in addition to professional care. The key purpose of the home is to provide children care and education supplementing family care as long as the children do not live in their blood family.

All this is done in devoted work, a high standard of competence and with much love, this is why they were able to ensure a chance for success in life to many-many young people in the past years for whom such an opportunity was unfortunately not given due to reasons which can not be attributed to them. A high percentage of the children leaving the Dripstone Home are trained further and establish a family. The work carried out here is of paramount importance for society as a whole.

Under the agreement concluded by and between the director of the children’s home, Dr. Krisztián Herczeg, and Dr. László Zanathy, Managing Director to WESSLING Hungary Kft. the donations collected by our colleagues were handed over on 19 December.

Our colleagues, Zsuzsanna Fűzy, Balázs Mátrai and Gábor Bordós arrived to the children’s home on two well packed passenger cars: they gave predominantly durable food items, toys, cloths, sports goods, books and cleaning items to the staff of the home.

It is said, these children living in the home need such things most.

We hope we could help the life of children living and the work of the people working in the home by this donation.