GMP+ certificate to WESSLING!

With effect from 2019, WESSLING Hungary Kft., a leading independent food and feed testing laboratory in Hungary also holds the GMP+ certificate, which is an important milestone internationally in the production of safe and good quality animal food, beside representing a serious advantage to all members of the commercial chain.

  • The GMP+ animal food safety system was developed to minimise the risks associated with animal diseases and hazardous substances.
  • With the help of the good management practices the system contributes to the production of appropriate quality and safe feed
  • GMP+ warrants that all members in the feed chain ensure feed and service quality in a uniform and transparent manner
  • GMP+ is now a worldwide renowned and more and more required system
  • Each player in the feed chain can apply it
  • Beside risk management, it helps companies to start new businesses and step on the global markets

With the efficient and reliable tests, WESSLING helps food and feed industry operators to comply with legislation for more than 25 years and contributes to the highest level of feed safety: we ensure wide ranging analytical methods for You ranging from chemical and physical analysis through organoleptic examinations up to microbiological and molecular biological analyses.

Whenever they produce and process or market animal foodstuff, companies are faced with ever newer challenges in the fields of safety, hygiene and quality.

Our existing professionalism and reliable services are now complemented with the GMP+ qualification which also strengthens the brand of your business.

We offer a serious chance to You on the global markets  - One step closer to international animal food safety

  • risk analysis and laboratory testing
  • independent certification
  • assistance to success on the global markets
  • comparative advantage on all levels of the commercial chain

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