Microbiology in the focus

International professional day in the WESSLING Knowledge Centre

An international reunion with the participation of representatives from seven countries was organised in Budapest on 4 and 5 November by the leaders of the WESSLING Hungary Kft. Food Safety Business Line. 

After the handing over of the International Innovation Award yet another comprehensive and forward looking professional discussion was organised in the Budapest WESSLING Knowledge Centre. The exchange of ideas was quite workmanlike in this case, with microbiology and molecular biology in the centre.

Participants – Polish, German, French, Romanian, Swiss, Hungarian and Russian specialists and laboratory managers of the WESSLING-group – introduced their respective laboratories, the work accomplished in each of the countries and the strengths, special services offered by their teams.

Ranging from laboratory automation up through the discussion of the current versions of the ISO-standards up to the presentation of the reinforcement processes and sequencing opportunities offered by the MALDI-TOF methodology a number of presentations were delivered in the Hadviga Géza room. Judit Gasparik Reichardt and Micsinai Adrienn guided interested colleagues in the WESSLING microbiology laboratory and on the site of BIOMI Kft., the cutting edge company in GMO and DNA tests, operating as a subsidiary to the Hungarian company, respectively.

Colleagues and staff members, who had not known each other before personally, could gain insight into the work of the others in the course of the exchange. This offered a good opportunity to exploit the widely ramifying methodologies and services our group offers and to take advantage of the knowledge and experience obtained in the various sites and laboratories jointly.

The two days workshop was attended by the following persons:

Natasza Banach Poznan
Judith Scharte Altenberge
Dagmar Braeker Altenberge
Claudia Schneider Lyss
Isabelle Bonanni Paris
Marina Kezina Moscow
Petrea Madalina Bucharest
Popescu Alexandra Bucharest
Judit Gasparik Budapest
Edit Pocklán Budapest
Zsuzsa Borókai Budapest
Rita Sípos BIOMI (Gödöllő)
Adrienn Micsinai BIOMI (Gödöllő)
Eszter Dési Budapest
Tamás Vadasi Budapest
Tamás Rikker Budapest
Gábor Szunyogh  Budapest