The CSR Hungary Award has been the most important forum for corporate social responsibility in Hungary since 2006

Another CSR Hungary Award for WESSLING!

This year, WESSLING Hungary was one again included among the most responsible Hungarian companies: this time, it was our awareness-raising national environmental drawing contest that earned us the CSR Hungary Award. It is a great honor for our company that, after our Lab Adventure program, we could demonstrate again our commitment to social responsibility with the Peti and Petra contest.

What are two PET bottles doing in nature? Answers were submitted as beautiful drawings by hundreds of kindergarteners and primary school students from all over the country and even from abroad. Thousands of children got to know the adventures of Peti and Petra.

The staff of the laboratory involved in environmental protection, food safety and health, and of the knowledge center, put the emphasis on awareness-raising: “During drawing, contestants are faced with one of the most important challenges of our time, environmental pollution, for the solution of which beautiful and creative ideas were submitted. In addition to the prizes, the most talented and creative contestants could get acquainted with the work of a real testing laboratory, with the world of selective waste collection and processing, the spirit of the voluntary PET Cup and the scientific adventures of the Center of Scientific Wonders” - said Adrienn Tolokán of WESSLING Hungary Kft., organizer of the contest.

The CSR Hungary Award has been the most important forum for corporate social responsibility in Hungary since 2006. To date, more than 180 Hungarian and foreign companies have applied for the prize, which was ceremonially handed out this year on November 17 at the Hotel Hungaria City Center in Budapest.

“Responsible business behavior today is a competitiveness factor, ethical behavior presents an attraction to consumers, it is a corporate attitude whereby the company is at the forefront of important social goals” - said in his greeting Dr. Attila István Simon, deputy state secretary of the Ministry for National Economy, responsible for the labor market.

“The economy is for the people and not vice versa” - quoted the words of the economist Magdolna Csáth Júlia Takács, general manager of CSR Hungary and founder of the CSR Hungary Award Program, calling the cooperation between the different sectors (business, civil, government) a common interest, and emphasizing the impact of corporate responsibility on local communities.

The CSR strategy of WESSLING Hungary Kft. focuses on providing scientific information. Together with ELTE, we maintain a research laboratory (EKOL), we publish a scientific magazine (the Journal of Food Investigations), operate an educational website (, we organize a chemistry competition for high school students each year (Lab Adventure), and this year, we tried to draw the attention of the youngest ones to the importance of environmental protection with the Peti and Petra drawing contest. Our knowledge center works in close cooperation with domestic higher education and the authorities, and participates in important national and European research projects.


In addition to WESSLING Hungary Kft., in 2017, two-year use of the trademark was awarded to such dominant companies of the Hungarian economy as Budapest Bank, Auchan, L’Oreal, Lidl, Aldi, Waberer’s and Mercedes-Benz.