Our Scientific Journal, Scientific Wonders, Researchers' Night, Laborynth chemistry competition

Anything for science!

On September 30, the latest issue of the Journal of Food Investigations came out with exciting articles, we participated in Researchers' Night with several programs and also in the events promoting science, organized by the Center of Scientific Wonders, and soon the Laborynth will be launched as well! Through its nonprofit company, serious forces were mobilized by WESSLING to promote science.

The latest ÉVIK published

September 30, 2016, proved to be an important date for the corporate social responsibility of WESSLING for several reasons. In addition to participating with two significant programs in Researchers' Night, the most important series of events promoting science in Hungary, the latest issue of the more than sixty years old Journal of Food Investigations came out on the exact same day.

In its leading article, the journal edited and published by WESSLING Nonprofit Kft. reported about experiments on the sensory testing of coffee beverages, conducted with computer support (this state-of-the-art procedure can also be used for the exact sensory testing of any other type of food), and in other scientific works were discussed the difficulties of detecting food allergens in processed foods, the microbiology and hygiene problems involved in selling raw milk and the dangers of marketing Stevia leaves as food, among other things.

In addition to the usual high standards, thanks to our authors, and the important messages what also made us proud was that publications of one of the most important scientific media of food safety were made available not only to the profession, but also to the general public, since several articles were reviewed on the front pages of leading online media and online magazines (National Geographic, Napi.hu-Index, Élelmiszer.hu, VS.hu, etc.).

Participation in Researchers' Night

It was on the same day that the journal came out that Researchers' Night was held, where our colleagues were present at two locations. A pepper competition was organized by our Joint Research and Training Laboratory on Separation (EKOL), operating in the Lágymányos building of Eötvös Loránd University: interested parties could get acquainted with the most basic tools of analytical chemistry, and they could observe how a real-life laboratory measurement, namely the measurement of the heat of peppers is performed. A large number of extremely hot peppers were submitted to the laboratory and, to the organizers delight, numerous elementary and high school students attended the event.

The only chemistry competition of Researchers' Night, at the Klebelsberg Cultural Center, was also announced for high school students, and this time tis co-organizer was the Lab Adventure, launched by WESSLING. Exercises and experiments were conducted following the basic principle of the first online competition of Hungary, organizers strived to draw attention to the role played by chemistry in everyday life using witty, demonstrative tools. Here are some of the topics: wine fraud (detection of glycerol with copper sulfate), the chromatography of food dyes, preparation and operation of a breathalyzer, detecting the urease enzyme content of soy flour, recognizing counterfeit sour cream and weight-loss products, preparation of a lemon battery. It is typical of the success of the competition that there were many applicants and a lot of students came from all over the country (Hódmezővásárhely, Kecskemét, Budapest, Debrecen, Nyíregyháza, Vác, Győr), and the winners received valuable gifts, proffered by WESSLING Hungary Kft.

Cooperation with the Center of Scientific Wonders

At this location, the Lab Adventure online chemistry competition was introduced, the latest round of which was launched online on October 5. The ten winners of the chemistry competition called Laborynth, guiding players through time and space, will get a chance to work with actual laboratory instruments next spring, and then they can perform experiments at the Center of Scientific Wonders, where other experiences of a lifetime also await them.

Our laboratory is a “returning guest” at the Center of Scientific Wonders (CSOPA) since, in addition to the finale of our Lab Adventure-Laborynth program, on several occasions we had a chance to bring tableaux to the 4 seasons scientific exhibition, and we also participated in the Science Mosaic open day, where the most innovative centers, museums and programs of Hungary, promoting science, were introduced.

The science-promoting activity of WESSLING does not stop here, since several of our experts deliver presentations at the Science Pubs also organized at the CSOPA Playbar, and we constantly report about the current problems of our chemistry competition, showing who and how can escape from the Laborynth!