We are extremely proud of the bronze medal awarded to us at the CMA, because it also proves that you can reach a lot of people with useful content and you can help them in everyday life


Bronze medal for our campaign on food safety

The fifth Content+Marketing Awards have been handed out: at the event organized by Creative magazine, the best content-based marketing solutions of the past year were evaluated. This time, the Kitchen chemistry column launched at the Laboratorium.hu scientific website of WESSLING Hungary Kft. was awarded a bronze medal in the prestigious competition. Once again, our firm has been included among such major Hungarian companies as MOL, OTP, Mercedes, Nestlé or Coca-Cola.

By content-based marketing solutions, the announcers of the competition meant communication that aims to deliver its message to readers, viewers, listeners, recipients or users through useful content (information, public information, useful advice, ideas, entertainment, etc.).

There were a total of 142 entries submitted to the competition, which was open to agencies, media, and to representatives of the clients as well.

WESSLING has won a bronze medal for its project titled Kitchen chemistry for food safety in the category Solutions running on a proprietary interface.

What is Kitchen chemistry?

WESSLING Hungary Kft. has been carrying out its accredited laboratory analyses in Hungary for a quarter of a century. The objective of the Kitchen chemistry campaign, launched on the Laboratorium.hu scientific website of WESSLING was to show what kind of processes take place during cooking, and to draw attention to food safety. Thanks to the nearly twenty educational articles, four Youtube videos, social appearances and the reviews of major online media, we managed to reach hundreds of thousands of people during the campaign that lasted more than six months.

The Laboratorium.hu site, operated by the nonprofit company of the firm has been one of the most popular and most often quoted scientific portals in Hungary. It has published nearly 300 articles and has won several major professional awards.

This interface was used to launch our Kitchen chemistry column in 2017, publishing 20 articles by our colleague, Lotti Szomorné Orosz, on predefined topics during an eight-month-long campaign.

Our objective was to provide readers with information that could be used immediately in everyday life and, in addition to interesting content, complete a food safety mission and unveil some of the exciting secrets of kitchen chemistry.

What makes bread dough rise? How to tenderize meat? Why does salt cool and why does cheese have holes? How to cook good eggs, frankfurters or pasta, and what do microchefs do, without whom there would be no yogurt, wine, cocoa or pickled cucumbers?

We have selected areas that would be of interest to most of us and which are linked to different holidays and events. For example, we wrote about egg dying on the last occasion, at Easter, about the chemistry of champagne around New Years’, we explained what happens during sous vide cooking, how to store food and why it is important to pay attention to driving when we drink kefir.

We are extremely proud of the bronze medal awarded to us at the CMA, because it also proves that you can reach a lot of people with useful content and you can help them in everyday life with good ideas, explanations and by presenting kitchen chemistry.

Similarly to previous years, our firm once again has been included among such major companies as Nestlé Hungária, Mercedes Benz, OTP Bank, MOL, Coca-Cola, UPC Magyarország, Borsodi Sörgyár, Unilever Magyarország or Bayer Hungária.

We are delighted that we could contribute to improving the quality of life not only with our fast, accurate and high quality work, but also with our Kitchen chemistry campaign in the field of communication.

The Laboratorium.hu webpage eith the kitchen chemistry menue.