Az akkreditált státusz kérdései

Cluster for the protection of laboratories’ interests

On August 25, the Cluster of Accredited Organizations (in short: CAO) was established. The main task of the organization is to provide support on issues related to the accredited status.

The professional organization was brought to life by 34 founding members – including WESSLING Hungary Kft. – in order to provide support to the government for the operation of the state accreditation body to be established in the near future. In addition, other important tasks of it are the protection of the professional interests of accredited organizations and laboratories in Hungary, providing assistance in law-making related to the profession, as well as ethical support. At the inaugural general meeting, Dr. Csaba Ágoston was unanimously elected president of the cluster by the membership.

The CAO was established on the joint and unanimous initiative of accredited laboratories, emphatically with no political, but exclusively professional purposes, in order to help find the best possible answers to questions related to the accredited status.

The CAO is awaiting the application of other accredited laboratories, or laboratories undergoing the accreditation process.

Those interested will soon be able to find further details on the website of the Association of Environmental Enterprises (