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Conference on dietary supplements

What do dietary supplements contain? Who monitors them and how? What are the health risks? How can we know that a supplement is safe? What is the situation with legal regulation? Who can help us in making sure that we consume high quality, safe and legal products?

Athletes and sports clubs will be able to find the answers to these questions at the conference titled “Hand in hand for clean sports”, planned for the end of March at the WESSLING Knowledge Center.

Venue: WESSING Knowledge Center, 1045, Budapest, Anonymus utca 6. (parking in the parking lot of the neighboring SPAR supermarket, entrance: from the Tél utca 13. side)

Date: end of March, the specific date will be announced to our readers soon.

Preliminary program:

·        10.00 Short introduction of the 25-year-old laboratory and the Knowledge Center – welcoming of the guests by Dr. Tamás János Szigeti, director of business development of WESSLING Hungary Kft.

·        10.20 Dangers and legal regulation of dietary supplements – Ágnes Tiszeker, head of the Hungarian Ani-doping Group

·        10.50 What can you take and what can you not take? - description of the substances on the WADA Prohibited List – Erika Horváthné Soós, head of the laboratory of WESSLING Hungary Kft. analyzing prohibited substances in dietary supplements

·        11. 20 Athletes’ experiences – Márton Szívós, world champion Hungarian water polo player and Gábor Kindl, multiple Hungarian triathlon champion

·        11.50 A website for clean sports: a brief introduction of the website

·        12.00 warm lunch

·        13. Exciting laboratory visit, which shows how the analysis of dietary supplements is performed

The 25-year-old, independent laboratory of WESSLING Hungary Kft. has been analyzing dietary supplements intended for athletes for more than ten years (analyzing substances on the WADA Prohibited List). With our accredited tests, we help both athletes and manufacturers and distributors of dietary supplements to achieve a doping-free, clean sport.

We will be happy to welcome you at our professional conference!

For information on the analysis of dietary supplements, please click here.

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