Cooperation agreement with the Association of Hungarian Confectionery Manufacturers signed

With top hygiene for safe pastry shops

Sanitary and production conditions might improve in Hungarian pastry shops due to a new initiative, the “TOP Hygiene” system of WESSLING Hungary Kft. TOP Hygiene is also supported by the Association of Hungarian Confectionery Manufacturers eith ehom a cooperation agreement was recently signed.

The goal of the Association of Hungarian Confectionery Manufacturers,an organization with a history going back more than a hundred years, is to improve manufacturing and operating conditions for safer food production, and also to monitoring of changing regulatory conditions continuously, as well as to provide professional assistance to members within the framework of training courses and lectures.

Therefore, to create quality confectionery products and to improve their recognition, an important cooperation agreement was signed with WESSLING Hungary Kft., a company that has been present in Hungary for almost a quarter of a century. The independent laboratory serving the market with accredited analyses in the area of food safety, among other things, can provide important professional assistance especially through its recently introduced TOP Hygiene system.

The essence of the new system intended for service providers operating in the catering industry is to help responsible-minded owners with accredited sampling and analysis, as well as consulting. After qualifying for TOP Hygiene successfully, businesses are given the right to use a logo, which can be displayed in their shops, on their publications or websites.

During the steps of joining the TOP Hygiene system based on standard MSZ ISO/TS 22002-2:2015 (Prerequisite programs on food safety – Part 2:Catering), businesses have to undergo a preliminary document inspection process, followed by an on-site audit, a minimum score hs to be exceeded, thus meeting the requirements of the standard, and then a contract is signed awarding the right to use the logo for three years.

Joining the program is voluntary, and participation in it does not exempt businesses from other statutory obligations, however, participants are provided a web interface where consumers can obtain information about participating businesses. This feature helps building a higher service level and customer trust.