Environmental protection and sustainable development are not only empty slogans for us

First electric car of WESSLING Hungary Kft.

The first vehicle, fully powered by an electric motor has arrived to WESSLING Hungary Kft. With the introduction of the new van, our company has once again proved that it is one of the most progressive environmentally conscious companies in Hungary, placing great emphasis on sustainable development during its everyday operation.

WESSLING Hungary Kft. is head and shoulders above the rest also when it comes to corporate social responsibility: in addition to operating our university laboratory, high school education program, consumer awareness website and scientific journal, we support public interest initiatives with laboratory analyses and carry out a number of nonprofit projects, organized by us.

Environmental protection and sustainable development are not only empty slogans for us, or tasks to be checked in a list, but are among the basic values of our company’s philosophy, and we strive to do as much as possible for these goals in our everyday life.

Recently, a new “guest” arrived at the parking lot of our state-of-the-art Knowledge Center. Despite of its 109 hp output, the 100% electric urban van of Nissan emits no harmful substances and can cover up to 180 km. It is an ideal, easy-to-operate working tool, excellently suited for sampling and sample transportation in and around Budapest with its 3.7 m3 cargo compartment and 726 kg carrying capacity. Its battery can be recharged in as much as half an hour with the fast charger, and so it will be ready for the next 180 km.

We are very proud of our new “colleague”, because it is not only a state-of-the-art and cost-effective addition to our company fleet, this way we can only contribute to the reduction of the emission of fossil fuels.


Tamás Rikker