The new volume of the WESSLING-edited Journal of Food Investigation has been published

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This year’s first issue of the scientific magazine Journal of Food Investigations, published and edited by the nonprofit company of WESSLING Hungary Kft., is on the shelves now, and in it you can read about pesticides, online food shopping habits, the omega-3 fatty acid content of meat products, possibilities to teach food chemistry and edible film coatings, in addition to the most interesting episodes in the history of food safety.

Excerpts from the history of food safety were put together by Mária Szeitzné Szabó. Covering a period of several thousands of years, many interesting stories are related in her paper, from the legend about the serpent of Asclepius to the melamine scandal of recent times.

A narrative of the history of Hungarian pesticide residue analysis is also told in the journal published and edited by the nonprofit company of WESSLING Hungary Kft., an operator of independent laboratories. Values of the precise work of the Hungarian pesticide residue analytical laboratory network are particularly emphasized in the paper of Árpád Ambrus and Adrienn Vásárhelyi. A manuscript about edible film coatings of pre-cooked poultry meat products, designed on the basis of domestic experiments, was submitted by Anna Kurucz and Ernő Gyimes. With the use of the casings developed, artificial packaging materials currently used can be substituted.

Another work related to the meat industry is published in the journal by Attila Tanai and his coworkers. Experiments aimed at increasing the omega-3 fatty acid content of different meat products and the analysis of functional compounds that can be measured in the products are reported in their paper.

A manuscript discussing the possibilities of teaching food chemistry is published in this issue by András S. Szabó, a practicing college and high school teacher, describing ten easy-to-perform demonstration experiments.

The latest research results of NÉBIH about Hungarian online food shopping habits are first published in this issue. Although the Hungarian population only started to open up to a large extent to online shopping in the last five years, the relative increase in willingness to shop online has been exceptionally large compared to other EU member states.

Details can be found in the prestigious scientific journal which is now more than sixty years old, and on whose homepage articles can now be searched by author name as well.

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