Starting from April 1st, NAH became a full member of the European co-operation for Accreditation

Twenty years of accredited status!

This April, WESSLING Hungary Kft. celebrated an illustrious anniversary: this month, our accredited status became twenty years old. It is worth to follow the history of WESSLING accreditation, because it presents the progress of the company from an important point of view.

For a company, such as WESSLING Hungary Kft., an operator of independent testing laboratories, the quality management system is extremely important, because it keeps the activities of the company within the relevant rules. The framework of the regulation is provided by standard DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025.

WESSLING Hungary Kft. has been present in the Hungarian market for almost a quarter of a century, with our most important areas of activity being environmental, food and feed, and pharmaceutical testing, while other important tasks include consulting and training, as well as research and development.

The above list also reflects the timeline of obtaining our accreditations, since the necessary accreditation was first obtained for environmental testing in 1996, then a few years later for food analyses, and, finally, for pharmaceutical testing. Then came the new areas, one by one: microbiology, packaging materials, cosmetics, solid recovered fuels, asbestos, yield enhancing substances, trans fatty acids, nutritional supplements, household chemical products, etc. The list could continue on and on.

In parallel with obtaining the accreditation, our quality management system was continuously developed as well, we followed the standards and our work was adjusted to their requirements. Especially interesting is the fact that, from 2008, requirements of the German accreditation body were also incorporated in our own quality management system.

As was already reported before, it is reassuring for us and also for our partners that our accredited status is uninterrupted at this very moment as well: in the latest documents of WESSLING Hungary Kft., all of our previous analyses were given the necessary permits and, in addition, the range of our laboratory was extended with brand new areas and flexible analyses.

Another reassuring news is that, starting from April, the successor of Nat, the National Accreditation Authority has been declared a full member of the European co-operation for Accreditation.

If you are interested, in the brief summary below you can follow the most important steps of the accreditation process of WESSLING over the last twenty years:

  • Submission date of the first application for accreditation: May 16, 1995. There were 5 methods in the accreditation application. At that time, the name of the company was Dr. Erwin Wessling Kémiai Laboratórium Kft. Head of laboratory: Dr. László Zanathy. Person designated for keeping contact with NAT: Zoltán Palotai. Relevant standard: MSZ EN 45001:1991. Designated certifiers: Dr. Kornél Torkos, Csaba Bodroghelyi. NAT coordinator: Dr. Ernőné Bezsilla. Accreditation certificate no.: 501/0392 (at that time, it was not for a laboratory, but for the whole company).
  • 1998: head of laboratory: Zoltán Palotai, quality manager: Zoltán Filep
  • 1999: In the next accreditation cycle (1999 to 2002), the certificate no. changed to 501/0689.
  • 2000: Accredited status „extended” to food testing.
  • 2001: New quality manager: Tamás Szigeti.
  • 2002: New quality manager: Mónika Melegh. Reaccreditation according to the new standard (DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025). Certificate no.: NAT-1-1009/2002 – one laboratory, one certificate. The accreditation area includes the physical and chemical analysis of drugs and active ingredients.
  • 2004: Change of name: Dr. E. Weßling Kémiai Laboratórium Kft.
  • 2005: Before reaccreditation, two laboratories were created and accredited separately: the number NAT-1-1009 was kept by the Food Testing Laboratory (ÉVL). The number NAT-1-1398 was obtained by the Environmental Testing Laboratory (KAL). New head of laboratory (KAL): Zoltán Palotai. New heads of laboratory (ÉVL): Ágnes Kovács, then Tamás Szigeti.
  • 2006: New head of laboratory (KAL): Mónika Melegh. New head of laboratory (ÉVL): Tamás Kőpataki. New quality manager: Zoltán Veres. Application for DAP accreditation.
  • 2007: Obtaining DAP accreditation: April 25, 2007. Change of name: WESSLING Hungary Kft. Transition to new standard (DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025). New head of laboratory (ÉVL): Ágnes Kovács.
  • 2008: New head of laboratory (KAL): Zoltán Filep. New head of laboratory (ÉVL): Eszter Dési. Preparation for the accreditation of the Doping Control Laboratory (not realized later).
  • 2010: NAT is a signatory of EA-MLA, so German DAP accreditation is withdrawn.
  • 2012: FoodMicro Kft. merged into WESSLING Hungary Kft. Name of the accredited laboratory: Microbiological Laboratory – FoodMicro (head of laboratory: Adrienn Micsinai, quality manager: Zoltán Veres).
  • 2014: New head of laboratory: Ilona Szipola. Area of the Food Testing Laboratory is extended with the area of activity of the Microbiological Laboratory (then closing of the Microbiological Laboratory). First flexible accreditation.
  • 2015: Reaccreditation. Termination of the Hungarian Accreditation Board.
  • 2016: Foundation of the new accreditation body, the National Accreditation Authority.