Drinking water sampling proficiency testing also launched in 2018

Laboratory tour at the closing meeting

A report on last year’s results of the QualcoDuna proficiency testing program was presented at the end of January. This time, the closing meeting was held at WESSLING’s own Knowledge Center, so the opportunity presented itself to visit the brand new laboratories as well.

The large number of participants were greeted by Tamás Rikker, technical director of WESSLING Hungary Kft. and scientific director of WESSLING Nonprofit Kft., operator of the QualcoDuna. Managing director Dr. László Zanathy spoke about the past 25 years, showing glimpses of the most exciting milestones of the history of the company, from its foundation, through the first tasks and the establishment of the business units, to developing into a large company and creating a corporate social responsibility program, and to building the WESSLING Knowledge Center and moving to the new site.

Zsigmond Szegény, head of the QualcoDuna proficiency testing program said that in 2017, in addition to the planning, organization and evaluation of traditional laboratory (chemical and biological) proficiency testing program, sampling proficiency testing was developed further and, after moving to the new site, the required NAH was also passed with flying colors.

The proficiency testing of bathing waters was launched (as a joint sample with surface water and wastewater), the offer was expanded to organic toxic parameters (PAH, PCB, EPH) for sewage sludge/sediment samples (as a joint sample with soil), and in the chemical proficiency testing of wastes, they tried to fill the gaps regarding regulation parameters.

Zsigmond Szegény said that there had been 142 participants in the proficiency testing program in 2017, 13 of which were foreign companies.

In 2018, one of the most important innovations is the launch of the drinking water sampling proficiency testing.

Long-term plans include the further development and fine-tuning of the evaluation system, using guideline ILAC-G8:3/2009 of the International Laboratory Accreditation Cooperation, which examines compliance at an expanded uncertainty with a 95% coverage probability.

He also spoke about the possibility for participants to help in sample preparation: those submitting a sample for the organization of a new proficiency testing (with at least 10 participants) can participate in it free of charge.

Application are already accepted for the 2018 program until February 9th, and while the order can be launched online at www.qualcoduna.hu, official and authentic written application is still necessary.

During the high-spirited closing meeting, participants could roam the WESSLING Knowledge Center in groups, visiting the ultra-modern laboratories.