Our tableau titled Snow, ice, refrigeration can already be viewed at the Campona mall

Lightly falling science - WESSLING at the Center of Scientific Wonders

Our Laboratory was granted the privilege to participate at the exhibition organized by the Center of Scientific Wonders, one of the most prestigious scientific demonstration centers of Hungary. One of the tableaus titled Lightly Falling Science was indeed designed by us!

According to the agreement signed recently by WESSLING Nonprofit Kft. and the Center of Scientific Wonders, the finale of our online chemistry competition, Lab Adventure Online, will take place among the walls of the prestigious institution, this is where experiments of the interactive educational day will be carried out by the students. It is not an accident that the 160 thousand visitors arriving here annually will “trip over” our poster located at the entrance.

This time, we also cooperated with the Center of Scientific Wonders in organizing an exhibition, even though, only one of the many tableaus was put together by WESSLING.

The Center of Scientific Wonders – just like the Lab Adventure Online program – is aimed at drawing attention to the scientific background of the wonderful phenomena hidden in our everyday lives.

In 2016, along the lines of this goal, seasons are examined in detail, with the title Science of the 4 seasons. The winter display of the series of quarterly exhibitions was opened in the middle of January by Lightly falling science. The world of snow and ice is presented by tableaus, display cases and interactive elements: they examine how a snowflake is born, rescue snow-bound researchers, peep behind the scenes of weather forecasters, physicists and chemists, show the evolution of skates, look at how snow gets on the big screen, and fight a snowstorm.

The Lab Adventure Online program of WESSLING Nonprofit Kft. is housed among the partners of the temporary exhibition, with its playful display titled Snow, ice, refrigeration.