Awareness-raising drawing contest titled “Peti and Petra among us” launched by WESSLING Hungary Kft.

Our nationwide drawing contest on World Water Day

On the occasion of World Water Day, a drawing contest for children is announced by the 25-year-old WESSLING Hungary Kft., also operating an environmental testing laboratory. With the competition, we wish to draw attention to the protection of our rivers and stillwaters. Each child can upload one drawing for the competition.

Each year, several millions of plastic bottles float down on the Tisza River, and a significant portion of them gets caught in the undergrowth of floodplain forests, causing significant damage to the environment. Last year, as a sponsor of the PET Cup, WESSLING laboratory took samples from the river section concerned, and test clearly showed the presence of the plasticizer typically used for the manufacture of plastic bottles.

In addition to free of charge measurements and to informing the public, this time a nationwide drawing competition is announced for kindergartners and schoolchildren. With the competition titled “Peti and Petra among us” we would like to draw attention to the protection of our rivers and stillwaters, and to that of nature that surrounds us. Short movies have also been prepared on this topic.

Submitters of the most clever and creative entries, in addition to the prizes, can gain insight into the secrets of an environmental testing laboratory, into the world of selective waste collection and processing, into the spirit of the voluntary PET Cup, and they will visit the Center for Scientific Wonders.

The goal of the competition is to improve the visual perspective of the children, as well as their environmental skills. Winners of the three age groups (kindergartners, elementary school 1st to 4th grade, 5th to 8th grade) receive gift items, can participate in study trips, and their entries will be included in the environmental booklet of WESSLING Hungary Kft.

Partners of the Peti and Petra among us drawing competition are Pannoncolor Művészeti Szakáruház és Művészfestékgyártó Kft., Zöld Híd Régió Környezetvédelmi és Hulladékgazdálkodási Nonprofit Kft., the Center for Scientific Wonders and the PET Cup program. Chairman of the jury is painter Kálmán Gasztonyi.

Entries have to be uploaded to the website, and their evaluation is performed anonymously. For more details on the course of the contest, uploading drawings and the gifts of the winners please visit the website.