Colleagues from WESSLING completed the more than 100 km long race as company teams


Running laboratory

WESSLING Hungary Kft. was present with two teams at one of the most important amateur sporting events of the summer, the 111 km run around Lake Tisza. Men’s and women’s teams of the independent laboratory performed well, but more importantly, participating colleagues could experience the uplifting sensation of cohesion and performance not only during laboratory work, but also during a sporting event presenting a significant challenge.

Recently, it was decided by the running group which had been developing at the laboratory for years to participate at a major event. For the Ultrabalaton race, circling our biggest lake, so many teams had registered that available slots filled up quickly. So it is not an accident that the “little brother” of the bigger running event, the UTT was created by the organizers. Of course, running around Lake Tisza presented by no means a smaller challenge to participants.

The idea of the management of WESSLING Hungary Kft. was for colleagues to register for the race not as individuals, but as teams. It is one of the most important elements of our CSR strategy to support the sporting activities of the colleagues as much as possible, through popular events, such as the UTT. With a contribution of hundreds of thousands of HUF, entry fees were paid by the company, making it possible to register two WESSLING teams, a men’s and a women’s, and we could participate in the race as company teams, wearing T-shirts bearing the company logo.

Although this was not an objective originally, the preparation and the race itself served as a kind of team building event of the best kind, because it was really based on volunteering and was free from any coercion.

Colleagues working in a wide variety of fields were recruited and came together to train. In the beginning, many of them couldn’t even dream of completing the sections they were selected to run.

Assignments were made, transportation was organized, and then, finally, the big day came. Everyone ran superbly at the well-organized event, gave everything they had, and it can be said that their performance was above average.

After the race, we celebrated at our colleagues’ country house with a little outdoor cooking.

We are extremely proud, mainly of completing the race, and of performing well not only in the laboratory, but also on the race course, as the result of excellent team work.

Our running laboratory does not stop here: next year it’s the Ultrabalaton for us!

Members of the WESSLING teams:

Borbély Katalin

Bordós Gábor

Fakan Tamás

Gál Krisztina

Glegyak Ildiko

Ionescu Tímea

Kocsor Henrietta

Koncz Ákos

Koselák Zoltán

Lakos Istvan

Melegh Mónika

Nagy Fanni

Nagy Szilárd

Németh Zsuzsa

Pártos Gergely

Rajt Csilla

Schmutz Márta

Szunyogh Gábor

Tóth Kitti

Zsom József