Proper instruction is one click away – even on-site!

Sampling assistance to our partners

Important help can be obtained by the partners of WESSLING Hungary Kft. with the help of a smartphone during sampling. Within seconds after reading the QR code on the sampling containers, they can study the relevant instructions on their mobile phones – even on-site!

Analytical results, in addition to laboratory work, depend primarily on correct sampling. The great expertise and modern technology can only be utilized by the analyses only if the sampling is of proper quality.

This is why WESSLING Hungary Kft. has always placed great emphasis on providing the maximum information to its customers regarding sampling. Our sampling instructions have been placed on our website, but we also strive to provide as professional information as possible orally and in writing as well, if requested.

And now, thanks to the spread of smartphones, we wish to offer our partners help that is more practical than ever!

Sampling containers provided to our customers have been equipped with barcoded labels for more than a decade, in order to be able to clearly identify and trace the samples in our laboratory information system.

The essence of the new service of our laboratory is that old labels are gradually replaced by new ones, which have so-called QR codes printed on them. The vast majority of today’s mobile phones are capable of reading these codes, so users are immediately directed to the website where the relevant sampling instructions can be read.

So, if the persons performing the sampling do not have the proper instructions and they are uncertain about how to perform the sampling in a correct way, all they have to do is read the given QR code, and they will get the information they need within seconds!

Please take advantage of this opportunity offered by our laboratory!

Take a look at our sampling instructions!