During the first judging, red fruit flavor combinations were the most popular

Sugar-free cake of Hungary is tested by WESSLING again this year

The first judging of the Sugar-free cake of Hungary competition has been concluded. This time, special flavor combinations and red fruits proved to be the most popular. This year again, the winner of the competition organized alongside the Cake of Hungary competition by the One Drop of Attention Foundation and the Hungarian Confectioner Industry Board is tested by WESSLING Hungary Kft.

This year, more than ever, entries to the Sugar-free cake of Hungary competition attest to a propensity to experiment – reads the announcement of the One Drop of Attention Foundation.

In the semifinals, under the leadership of György Bechmann, chairman of the jury, jury members tasted the sweets one by one. Confectioners willingly used traditional flavors: raspberries, poppy seeds, cherries, sour cherries and cottage cheese were the main ingredients. Vegetable specialties were also favorites with the jury, especially beet and tomatoes, but some of the participants thought that the use of truffles gave them a chance to win.

According to the practice of previous years, cakes were evaluated by the jury in an anonymous way, based on a complex set of criteria. During judging, the most important aspects are always flavor, appearance, composition, novelty, and also the carbohydrate and energy contents, so that the creations selected are sweets that can be fit into a balanced diet, which can be consumed by diabetics as well. Ingredients were selected by the confectioners from a list of raw materials monitored by the Hungarian Dietetic Association.

Testing of the winning cake will be performed by the independent food testing laboratory of WESSLING Hungary Kft.