Az idei győztes Tortavár Cukrászda a WESSLING Hungary Kft. TOP-Higiénia rendszerében való egy éves ingyenes részvételi lehetőséget is megkapta ajándékba

The winner of the Sugar-free Cake of Hungary competition in the laboratory of WESSLING

This year, the Sugar-free Cake of Hungary competition was announced for the fifth time by the One Drop of Attention Foundation and the National Guild of Hungarian Confectioners, and it was won in 2016 by “Princess Blueberry's Cake” of the Tortavár Confectionery of Budapest. Tests by the independent laboratory of WESSLING Hungary Kft. confirmed that the cake really did not contain added sugar, and the winning confectionery will participate for a year, free of charge, in the TOP-Hygiene program, fighting for improving the quality of catering.

This year, the main objective of the One Drop of Attention Foundation was again to draw confectioners attention, with the competition titled Sugar-free Cake of Hungary, to the increasing demand for cakes not containing added sugar, which can be included in a balanced diet.

Based on the calculation of the Hungarian Dietetic Association (MDOSZ), one slice of the winning cake, named “Princess Blueberry's Cake”, contains 8.8 g of carbohydrate and 228 kcal. Analyses were performed this year again by the independent food testing laboratory of WESSLING Hungary Kft.

It is important to emphasize that no matter how much attention we pay to the raw materials used, each and every food consumed has some calories. So it was calculated for the winning cake as well, how much energy one gets if 100 grams of is consumed: based on the tests, this was 197 kcal (816 kJ). This number differs from the value calculated by the MDOSZ, because the amount of calories was determined by the association for one slice of cake one the one hand (the weight of one slice is nearly 110 grams), and on the other hand, their calculation was based on the raw materials, while the measurement of WESSLING was performed on the finished, baked cake (ratios could change because of the departure of moisture), and the value was determined for 100 grams. In any case, this value could serve as a guideline for diabetics, in terms of the daily caloric intake.

The creation named “Princess Blueberry's Cake” was announced in the Parliament, together with the Cake of Hungary and the program of the August 20th festivities. It can be first tasted by the general public on August 20th and 21st, in Budapest, in the Street of Hungarian Flavors.

In addition to the free analyses, a year's participation, free of charge, in its TOP-Hygiene system was offered to the winner by WESSLING Hungary Kft. The TOP-Hygiene system is recommended to catering businesses who really take the importance of hygiene and regular inspections seriously, and who would like to stand out from the competition by providing safe and high quality service to their customers. The TOP-Hygiene certification and seal ensures for businesses a standard of hygiene, credibility, safety and trust.

You can read more about the testing of the cake here.  Find information about our  TOP-Hygiene program here.