A new edict, coming into force in the middle of June, prescribes the registration and testing of drilled wells whose water is used for dinking purposes as well

Well water testing

Soon, the official registration and laboratory testing of drilled wells whose water is used for drinking purposes as well, will be mandatory. Based on the edict that comes into force on June 15, it was described in detail in an article that was posted on the Laboratorium.hu portal, what the specific parameters are that have to be tested, and why. The article was reported by the entire Hungarian press, from state television to leading news portals and economic papers.

Edict 100/2016 comes into force on June 15, and this means that the existing edict 201/2001 (X. 25.) is supplemented, regarding private purpose drinking water plants. Specifically, this means that privately owned drilled wells have to be registered with the local notary, and this registration is accompanied by a mandatory water analysis,which should be performed by an independent laboratory.

Mandatory testing parameters concerned only tap water before, but based on the new section, drilled wells from which residents wish to drink are also affected.

Part A) of Annex 2 of edict 201/2001 (X. 25.) about the quality requirements of drinking water and the order of inspection is supplemented by Section 4, prescribing the testing of organoleptic parameters (color, odor, taste, turbidity), temperature, Escherichia coli, Coliform bacteria, colony count at 22 °C, Fecal Enterococcus, pH, conductivity, ammonium, nitrite, nitrate, hardness, chloride, chemical oxygen demand (CODps), iron, manganese, alkalinity and parameters related to disinfection.

You can find out from the article of Laboratorium.hu, why it is so important to analyze the different parameters.

The article was republished by a significant part of the Hungarian press, our report interpreting the edict that comes into force on June 15 was published as the lead material by major online economic papers, news agencies, professional magazines and leading news portals and, in connection with this, our very own Zoltán Palotai was a guest of the news channel of Hungarian Television, in prime time.