The European Finals of the world's most prestigious chef competition were held at the Sirha exhibition

WESSLING at the scene of the European Finals of Bocuse d'Or

The victory of Tamás Széll at the Bocuse d’Or chef competition clearly shows that Hungarian gastronomy is catching up with the best in the world. The new quality management system called TOP-Hygiene was also introduced at the site of the most important chef duel in the world. From now on, an outstanding standard of hygiene is guaranteed at restaurants bearing the seal of the independent laboratory of WESSLING Hungary Kft.!

One of the world's leading exhibition series on the food and catering industries, that is, the Sirha organized its gigantic event in Budapest for the second time, for the representatives of the food industry, the baking and confectionery industry, and also the hotel and restaurant industry, as well as gastronomy.

According to the first estimations, more than 300 exhibitors and 20,000 visitors attended Sirha Budapest. In addition, several programs and events were offered by the international trade fair, of which the European Finals of the Bocuse d’Or stood out.

The chef competition was followed with great interest: competitors were cheered on by a significant number of fans, most of whom, naturally, were rooting for the Hungarian participant, Tamás Széll. Fans could not have been happier when the winner was announced on the evening of May 11. The Hungarian chef was surprised by the historic victory, which could provide a great boost to the development of domestic gastronomy.

A recently launched new certification system, which was also introduced to the general public at the site of the Bocuse d'Or competition, the SIRHA exhibition, is also aimed at raising the quality of the domestic catering industry.

The essence of the TOP-Hygiene system is that the standard of hygiene, credibility and safety are guaranteed to catering entrepreneurs by the certification and seal of WESSLING Hungary Kft., the oldest independent laboratory in Hungary.

Naturally, all this requires accredited tests and sampling, legal compliance and on-site audits, which are performed by the experts of the laboratory with great responsibility and expertise, at the request of responsibly thinking owners.

One of the main goals of the TOP-Hygiene system is to raise the standard of the domestic catering industry, which will be a great help not only to restaurants, confectioneries and kitchens, but will also increase the trust of the public, because from now on, everyone can be sure that when they enter a restaurant bearing the TOP-Hygiene seal, the standard of hygiene has been checked there by independent laboratory tests.

In addition, catering units will have an important marketing tool in their hands with the TOP-Hygiene certification, since they will be added to the website, where consumers will be able to obtain information about the enterprises that have already joined the program.

The website also provides important expert articles of public interest and practical advice to interested people about hazards that occur in the hospitality industry and public catering.