On the awards ceremony on the 12th April WESSLING entered the circle of the environmentally responsible companies in Hungary!

WESSLING is one of the winners of the Greennovation Award

WESSLING Hungary Kft., an operator of independent laboratories, was the winner of the Innovation ideas category of the fifth annual Greennovation Award. It is a great honor for us that our company was selected as one of the best domestic practices of environmentally responsible business operation at the April 12 award ceremony with our competition entry of the introduction of the electronic report, and the related mobile application!

To promote best domestic examples as widely as possible, the fifth annual Greenovation Award was announced by Professional Publishing Hungary, publisher of the journals Élelmiszer (Food), Gyártástrend (Production Trend), Medical Tribune, Kreatív (Creative) and Turizmus Trend/ Vendég és Hotel (Tourism Trend/Guest and Hotel).

Mihály Hartay, president of the jury said at the award ceremony held on April 12 that the quality of the entries was very high and emphasized, in connection with the creative entry of WESSLING Hungary Kft. that it can save significant amounts of paper, while also making administrative activities simpler.

So WESSLING Hungary Kft. was announced at the ceremony as the winner of the Innovation ideas category, and it was a special honor for us that our entry was highlighted among the winners, and so we had a chance to present our innovation at the workshop following the award ceremony.

When introducing the innovation, András Szabó, the head of our company’s IT department said that WESSLING Hungary Kft., an operator of independent laboratories, has been present on the Hungarian market for almost a quarter of a century, and it performs tens of thousands of accredited analyses each year. Producing the related test reports (more than 50,000 per year) and their signing by hand means wasting large amounts of paper and, in addition to being an activity that pollutes the environment, it also requires a lot of administration, time and money.

Therefore, instead of the previous paper-based system of test reports, an electronic data communication protocol (an e-report) was introduced by the laboratory. The authenticity of the e-report in a pdf format is guaranteed by an advanced security digital signature, and the transparency of its genuineness is ensured by a security QR code provided by WESSLING. By scanning the unique QR code with a smartphone, the person holding the test report can verify the validity of the e-report through the internet. For this purpose, a modern, simple and very useful mobile application was developed.

The new, environmentally friendly method requires 4 football fields' worth of A4 sheets less annually, saving the life of a smaller forest (40 trees) each year.

This innovation, unique so far in Hungary, is expected to have a positive effect in several areas and to offer solutions to several problems, all within the framework of a compact and simple system or application.

With the award won at the 5th Greenovation Award, WESSLING Hungary Kft. is now in an illustrious company, together with major domestic companies and organizations, such as E.ON, Dreher, Sanofi-Aventis Zrt., Chinoin Zrt., K&H Bank, WWF Hungary and FKF Zrt.