Another 100 jobs could be created with an investment of two and a half billion HUF


Knowledge center opens in Tél utca

WESSLING Hungary Kft., an independent laboratory, has been performing accredited analyses and consulting services in Hungary for twenty-five years. On September 29, our new knowledge center, where important research in the fields of environmental protection, food safety and drug control will be carried out in cooperation with universities and authorities, was opened by István Lepsényi, Secretary of State for Economic Development and Regulation of the Ministry of National Economy.

The ultramodern laboratory and research center, meeting all the requirements of the 21st century, was built in the heart of Újpest with an investment of more than two and a half billion HUF. This investment in Hungary is an important milestone in the strengthening of German-Hungarian economic and scientific relationships – this was said at the opening ceremony, held with the participation of policy makers, university executives and German-Hungarian business organizations.

István Lepsényi emphasized: WESSLING's twenty-five-year success story is an internationally illustrative example of the transition to an innovation-driven economy that is of the utmost importance for growing our knowledge-based capital, R & D and innovation.

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Zsolt Wintermantel, Mayor of Újpest said that once you come to Újpest, you find an environment that you will be reluctant to give up. „WESSLING Hungary Kft. found a home in Újpest a long time ago, it settled down and has become an integral part of our everyday lives. We are proud of the fact that the company makes its decisions with local interests in mind!” – stressed the mayor.

Dr. Erwin Weßling, founder of the international laboratory network was also very proud of the new Knowledge Center. „It gives me great pleasure to see the enormous change that has happened since we started the company in Budapest together with Mr. Zanathy 25 years ago. What I see now is a state-of-the-art building that meets all the needs of the future and our customers, as well as the interests of the employees and quality requirements” – said Mr. Weßling.

The ceremonial laying of the foundation stone of the WESSLING Knowledge Center was held one year ago, on March 23, when the management of the company declared that they wanted to play an important role in sustainable development and corporate social responsibility with their widespread scientific and R&D activities – said Dr. László Zanathy, managing director of WESSLING Hungary Kft.

“Today, the WESSLING Knowledge Center really allows us to achieve all these goals, together with our colleagues, our experts and cooperating universities, state control and support organizations, and with our R&D programs – said László Zanathy, adding that the creation of another 100 jobs is planned in the new knowledge center in the coming years.

In addition to its accredited laboratory analyses, WESSLING Hungary Kft. has already been carrying out extensive research activities in recent years. Together with the most prominent Hungarian universities (ELTE, Corvinus, SZIE), the production and tracing system of palinkas with protected designation of origin (PDO), a distillation regulation equipment optimized for different fruits, the Mangalica genome, mycotoxins, and also factors influencing the quality of products made of fish meat have been investigated in the laboratory, among other things.

As the result of research performed in our university laboratory on separation techniques, maintained together with ELTE, simultaneous detection of hundreds of pesticides, the determination of the active ingredients of different drugs in surface waters, and the migration testing of plastic packaging materials have been carried out.

WESSLING is also at the forefront of corporate social responsibility: for many years, together with NÉBIH, it has been organizing one of the most important meetings on food safety, the Hungalimentaria conference, publishes the scientific magazine titled Journal of Food Investigations (also in cooperation with NÉBIH), organizes a chemistry competition (Lab Adventure) for high school students, and operates a public interest, educational website (

The Knowledge Center’s goal is to continue down this road: extensive research is conducted, in cooperation with universities (ELTE, SZIE, Corvinus), in the fields of environmental protection, food safety and health protection, a wide range of scientific information is disseminated, a major role is played in high school and university education, professional conferences are organized, and participation in international research projects is encouraged.

After cutting the ceremonial ribbon, the laboratories of the Knowledge Center were visited by István Lepsényi, and the other guests present at the event.


Background – briefly about WESSLING Hungary Kft.:

WESSLING Hungary Kft. is an accredited, independent laboratory that has been performing accredited chemical and microbiological analyses in Hungary for more than twenty years, since 1992. The company is active in three major areas: environmental protection (water, soil, air, waste), food safety (food, feed, dietary supplements, packaging materials) and health protection (pharmaceutical analyses, workplace examinations).

In addition, a number of related services are provided: GMO testing, batch release and honey analyses are carried out, a palinka trademark is issued, plant and site assessments, as well as asbestos testing are performed. WESSLING Hungary Kft., established by a German-Hungarian family enterprise, is a member of an international network, not only present in the region with its services, but also performing extensive scientific and information activities.

WESSLING Hungary Kft. has nearly 270 employees, and company turnover in 2016 was close to 4 billion HUF. In terms of the number of analyses and number of partners, it is one of the market-leading laboratory service provider and consulting companies. The cost of the Knowledge Center amounted to 2.7 billion HUF, 6,700 m2 of office and testing laboratory area, 3,900 m2 of underground parking lot and storage space, and a garden of several thousands of m2 were created.

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