The goal of the project is to facilitate adaptation to climate change

WESSLING Hungary Kft. winning a climate protection tender

Our laboratory received another important honor: as the professional chief, it is a member of the winning consortium of the tender titled Development of a National Adaptation Network (CLIM-NET/HUN), issued by the Regional Environmental Center (REC). The primary goal of the tender of the consortium headed by DIPOL Humánpolitikai Intézet Kft. is to prepare member states of the European Union – including Hungary – to be able to deal with the adverse effects of climate change that can undoubtedly be felt these days.

To implement the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism 2009-2014 program, a cooperation agreement was signed by Hungary, together with the representatives of Norway, Iceland and Lichtenstein, to realize the program called „Adapting to climate change in Hungary”. The overall objective of the program is to facilitate adaptation to the effects of climate change, deepen the knowledge related to the effects of climate change and the handling of arising problems, and increase the susceptibility of society to the issue of climate change.

The team that consists of geologists, physicists, economists, testing laboratory professionals and specialists of the social scientists will focus all of its efforts on minimizing the effects of climate change, caused mainly by anthropogenic atmospheric pollutants from human acitvities,  on the economic and social life of Hungary.

Members of the consortium agreed to present lectures in their areas of activity to the affected municipalities, NGOs and, possibly, interested laypeople on the subject of fending off climate change and its effects. In order to achieve the objective of the consortium successfully, members have been in constant discussion with the Norwegian experts.

Employees of the independent laboratory of WESSLING Hungary Kft., who are expeienced in environmental protection, are participating in the project in the areas of professinoal leadership, coordination, organization of the development of an expert network, preparation and testing, as well as developing pilot projects.

Gábor Szunyogh