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WESSLING wins CSR Hungary Award

In 2016, our independent laboratory won the most important prize for corporate social responsibility in Hungary! This huge honor was given to our company for its activities in the areas of scientific information, education and raising awareness and, more specifically, for the Lab Adventure program. The majority of the winners come from the largest domestic companies, so we are particularly delighted to receive the CSR Hungary Award and the trademark.

„The heart and soul of an entire company are in CSR, since they not only want to show themselves, but would like to actually do something good. And good causes should be supported by everyone” – said Pál Szekeres, ministerial commissioner responsible for disability, at the December 13 award ceremony of CSR Hungary in Budapest.

For years now, WESSLING Hungary Kft. has been consciously building up its CSR strategy, with the focus on scientific information and education. In this spirit, the more than 60-year-old scientific magazine, the Journal of Food Investigations was saved, and it has been edited and published with a renewed look ever since. Following the same principle, the scientific news portal Laboratorium.hu was launched, which now serves the public with more than 200 informative articles of public interest. This is why we continue to support the Separation Science Research and Education Laboratory (EKOL), maintained together with ELTE, where dozens of students perform research and attained academic degrees. The manifestation of the same philosophy is the Lab Adventure educational program for high school students, with the goal of both the online competition and the interactive educational day being the promotion of chemistry.

It was specifically for the latter that in 2016 we were given the most prestigious award of Hungary for corporate social responsibility, the CSR Hungary Award, however, it was added by Júlia Takács, CEO of CSR Hungary, in her laudation that the award is also the recognition of the entire CSR activity of WESSLING.

Júlia Takács also spoke about CSR becoming more and more a part of Hungarian corporate culture, which is demonstrated by the more than 140 entries submitted in the now nine-year history of the CSR Hungary Award. According to one of the most competent experts of Hungarian CSR, corporate social responsibility is not anti-profit, but is is not the same as donation or sponsorship either, it should reflect the profile and the values of the company, and the entire operation of the company should be incorporated.

Good examples for this were shown by this year's award winners, which came from the largest domestic companies. Several awards were given to Telenor and UPC for their infocommunication educational and child protection programs, and the trademark was earned from the committee by the Body awakening program of Coca Cola, the Road to health program of SANOFI and the program of UPC promoting the internet.

Awards were given to the National Institute of Pharmacy and Nutrition (OGYÉI) and ROSSMANN Magyarország Kft. for their workplace-related entries, for the employment of people with disabilities, and awards were also given for the Green Airport program of Budapest Airport, for the Varázsházikó (Magic house) program of ETALON Zala Kft. and the Wasting food – with local challenges program of Tesco-Global Áruházak Zrt.

It increases the significance of the recognition that for WESSLING Hungary that it received the CSR Hungary Award, which is today the symbol of a new way of thinking in Hungary, together with the above companies and organizations realizing noble and creative programs.

This is so, because, together with the organizers, we believe that working for the society, in addition to the specific help, is a positive feedback to the entire community, since people learn values at the workplace, and then take this home to friends and family.

Our unique and complex CSR activities can serve as an example to follow for many other companies, and we consider it an important task to make this system even more comprehensive in the future.

You can read about the CSR activities of WESSLING here

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About the CSR Hungary Award:

The Hungarian Business Responsibility Award, first announced in 2008, is the result of a domestic, independent initiative, annually evaluating Hungary's most prominent responsible and sustainable initiatives, projects and management systems in the business sector. Synchronizing local values with international professional demands.

Participants of the voluntary trademark usage system position themselves in the market, in the individual industrial sectors, in procurement procedures and towards more and more conscious consumers and other stakeholders, going through a multi-level inspection and using the trademarks of CSR Hungary Award. Contributing to the spreading of a sustainable and responsible business culture in Hungary.

Winners were selected after a three-level evaluation process.

Partners announcing the award: the Budapest Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the First Hungarian CSR Association (EMVFE), the Joint Venture Association, the German-Hungarian Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the Confederation of Hungarian Employers and Industrialists and the National Association of Entrepreneurs and Employers.

Members of the jury: József Gulyás, CEO of KKVHÁZ Zrt. Community Building Cluster and Enterprise Organizing House, Pál Szekeres ministerial commissioner, Pál Győrfi, Communications and PR director of the Hungarian National Ambulance Emergency Service, Dr. Ágnes Szent-Iványi, chairwoman of the Ethical Business Conduct Committee of the Joint Venture Association, Júlia Takács, founder of the CSR Hungary Award, chairwoman of the First Hungarian CSR Association (EMVFE).

Further information: http://www.csrhungarydij.eu/