Water analysis and water managment

•    sampling and analysis of drinking water according to government decree 201/2001. (X. 25.)
•    sampling and analysis of groundwater according to joint KvVM-EüM-FVM decree 6/2009. (IV. 14.)
•    sampling and microbiological analysis of drinking water, public bath water and natural bath water
•    sampling and analysis of surface water and waste water
•    sampling and analysis of sewage sludge
•    sampling and analysis of surface water sediments

Accredited water sampling and accredited analytical procedures

• total petroleum hydrocarbons TPH
• polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons PAH
• polychlorinated biphenyls PCB
• chlorobenzenes, chlorophenols
• dioxins and dibenzofurans PCDD/F
• pesticides, pesticide residues
• volatile aliphatic chlorinated hydrocarbons VCH
• haloforms
• volatile aromatic hydrocarbons BTEX
• metal analysis
• general water chemistry parameters, anions and cations
• microbiological analysis

Water management

•    obtaining water rights, implementation and operation permits
•    planning and implementation of environmental monitoring
•    performing test run analyses
•    waste water reporting, preparation of self control plans