Ingredients, unwanted components, microbiological, molecular analysis

Food and feed analyses

• Ingredient analysis

Macro components (fat, protein, dry matter, fiber, sugars, carbohydrate)

Micro components (vitamins, micro elements, saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, biologically active compounds, additives)

Analysis of unwanted components (toxic substances)

Toxic components (toxic metals, pesticides, mycotoxins, antioxidants, preservatives, histamine, acrylamide, benzene, banned dyes)

• Analysis of veterinary medicinal product residues

• Analysis of allergens

• Organoleptic analysis

Besides traditional foods and feeds, our analytical activity extends to bioproducts (eco products)

Microbiological analysis of foods and feeds
• Detection of pathogens and thier toxins
• Determination of hygienic parameters
• Analysis of quality parameters (agents causing perishing, starter cultures)
• Testing the efficiency of disinfectants
• Cause-effect analysis of perishing
• Challenge tests, development of predictive microbiological models
• Environmental hazard analysis (Legionella)
• Measurement of water activity
• Instrumental fast analysis (VIDAS, PCR, TEMPO)

Microbiological test results within 24 hours

Molecular biological analyses – BIOMI Ltd. -

• Detection of genetically modified (GMO) food and feed components, also their quantification
• DNA based method development for the detection of allergens, animal and plant components in foods and feeds