Analysis of nutritional supplements

Analysis of nutritional supplements, special nutritional purpose foods intended for athletes

During the procedure, a product in its original, unbroken packaging, from a manufacturing lot  provided to us by the customer, is analyzed.
•    Verification, preparation and translation (in English and German) of label and product documentation
•    Complete handling of matters related to OÉTI notification.

Analytical services:
•    General analyses for the determination of nutritional value:
– carbohydrate, energy
– protein
– sugar
– fat
– fatty acid composition
•    Determination of added vitamin content.
•    Determination of doping agent (anabolic agents, narcotics, stimulants) content.
•    Analysis of potency enhancers for banned substances.
•    Contaminant analysis:
– metals
– toxins
•    Microbiological analyses
•    The publication titled Analyis of nutritional supplements
•    List of controlled nutritional supplements