Corona virus detection from the air and on surfaces

A novel methods for prevention and safety: be one step ahead of the virus! Important assistance to company managers and employees alike.

Our laboratory has a novel approach to corona virus detection: we measure the pathogen from the air of offices and indoor premises, as well as from the surface of the various objects, playing an important role this way in both prevention and forecasting. Beside preserving the health of employees, the test allows safe planning of the workflow.

  • The corona virus is able to spread in the air: the viruses attach to particles (aerosol, dust particle) and as they flow in the ventilation, air conditioning system, they are stirred up in the air and can be inhaled.
  • Sampling from air is made using a special tool, an ISO standard conform method and the samples are tested for Real Time PCR.
  • Up to 10-100 virus particles can be detected from 1 m3 of air.
  • Sampling is best made on high risk locations where many people turn up without wearing a mask (such as the canteen).
  • Air testing is complemented and confirmed with the testing of surfaces: microbiological sampling and REAL Time PCR measurement.
  • The tests are based on the internationally recognised, published methods developed by WHO and the American CDC (Centres for Disease Control and Prevention).

We are able to provide assistance before the infection and the development of the disease, this is not a subsequent diagnosis, when we monitor the environment, we are one step ahead of COVID-19!

Such measurements are of great help to company managers and employers in handling and controlling the virus.

In our environmental analysis laboratory, in addition to the testing of waters, soil and air, waste, asbestos and radioanalytical tests are performed, among other things.

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