Waste analysis

Here at WESSLING waste is regarded as a valuable material. Our checks and tests on waste materials we analyse – among other things – the composition of the waste sample, to enable their recovery for use in agriculture, industry or even as fuel.

Waste analysis sample in the accredited WESSLING laboratory

Companies’ waste management practices are governed the Union’s framework directive on waste. The ultimate goal is to minimise the waste output. Therefore, all efforts must be made to recover the waste output before its final disposal.

WESSLING helps you in your waste management efforts: our professional technicians perform analyses and tests in our accredited laboratory on a wide variety of waste materials – including compost, sewage sludge as well as solid recovered fuels (SRF)

Waste management is regarded as a global issue: therefore we provide you with extensive consultancy services to help avoid or minimise the production of waste during your work processes. Our experts help you cut costs by recovering valuable materials.


  • Accredited waste sampling and waste material analysis
  • Examination of the conditions and criteria of disposability – as specified in Decree 20/2006 (IV. 5.) KvVM.
  • Waste notification, preparation of waste management plans
  • Environmental assessments of landfills (impact study)
  • Waste qualification
  • Qualifying analysis of solid recovered fuel (SRF)

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„Waste is more than just garbage – so make the most of it! Our laboratory tests enable solutions for recovery as well.“

In our environmental analysis laboratory, in addition to the testing of waters, soil and air, waste, asbestos and radioanalytical tests are performed, among other things.

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„Waste is not simply waste: our laboratory analysis provides findings showing recycling possibilities concealed in your waste.“

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WESSLING provides individual service packages that are tailored to the needs of your company.

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Tractor distributes organic fertilizer on a field

Optimised harvest yields thanks to precise analysis

Farm manure

WESSLING determines the nutrient content of your farm manure. Use our analysis results as the basis for a specific fertilisation strategy, and therefore optimise your harvest yield.

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WESSLING provides analysis for all types of soil samples

Planning security for your construction projects

Soil analysis

We analyse and certify soils as well as mineral waste and soil/building rubble mixtures - also under time contraints for the continued progress of your projects.

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Optimised harvest yields thanks to precise analysis 1 / 2

WESSLING Superbrands Award in 2021 Again!

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