Biological Exposure Index analyses

The presence of chemicals is the single most severe threat facing people working in the chemical industry and in other industries involving intensive chemical use.

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The Biological Exposure Indices (BEI) are used for monitoring employees’ health status from the perspective of the chemical safety of workplaces. Tests for establishing BEIs identify traces of inhaled substances, in most cases from urine.

These tests are crucial because they may shed light on the fact that the health of the employees being impaired. Where the employer does not comply with the relevant labour safety requirements, and, consequently, creates an unhealthy working environment and circumstances, the employer may have to face serious legal consequences as well.

We can measure more than 80% of the parameters listed in the decree, which can be detected and measured in urine (metals and organic compounds alike). We have successfully measured such parameters in international proficiency tests as well.

In our environmental analysis laboratory, in addition to the testing of waters, soil and air, waste, asbestos and radioanalytical tests are performed, among other things.

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