Soon only green electricity arrives at the WESSLING Knowledge Center

The WESSLING Knowledge Center has taken a huge step to reduce its carbon footprint: from January 1, 2022, all the electricity we use will be completely clean, green energy! What is this amount of electricity and what does green energy mean? It is clear from our article below.

WESLING Hungary Kft., which operates independent testing laboratories, has been committed to environmental protection, sustainability, food safety and health protection since its establishment. We have proven this not only with our outstanding expertise and modern instrumentation, as well as our nearly thirty years of dedicated activity, but also with our work in the field of social responsibility, scientific information (operation of a university laboratory, publication of a scientific journal, organization of national high school competitions, etc.).

Recently, our employees have won a number of outstanding environmental awards, and in the spirit they represent and the spirit of the entire group of companies, we have now made a very important decision: to use the electricity used at our site as completely clean, green energy!

What does it mean exactly?

According to Act LXXXVI of 2007 on Electricity [VET], the energy trader provides a guarantee for the origin of the purchased electricity, as to the proportion of the purchased energy from renewable energy sources.

In the case of WESSLING, this ratio is one hundred percent, i.e. a total of 5,422,220 kWh tied up for two years is entirely green energy. The essence of the construction is that the trader undertakes: he has so much energy from renewable sources that the quantity he sells (renewable) is not higher than the quantity he purchases or produces. Electricity comes specifically from renewable energy production: wind, solar and hydropower plants, biogas plants, biomass boilers.

For this, of course, we pay a surcharge, which is clear from the purchase report (link). Thus, environmental and sustainability (ESG) considerations now apply not only to the profile of our work and our social responsibility, but also to our energy management.

We are confident that with this step we have already become one of the most advanced environmental companies, and of course we want to continue on this path with all our might in the future.