Supers respond well to challenges

The WESSLING Knowledge Center has the Superbrands Business Award in 2022 as well!

This year, the Superbrands Hungary Expert Committee awarded the Business Superbrands awards for the fifteenth time this year, and to our great pride, the WESSLING Knowledge Center has received the certificate for the best brands for the fifth time.

Superbrands is a well-known brand that symbolizes high quality, and the international program rewards the best consumer and business brands. Following a multi-stage pre-screening, the award is decided by a committee of 40 independent, marketing and company management experts, solely on the basis of professional considerations, and it is not possible to apply for the award.

The Superbrands Business Award highlights the best brands in the business sector, Hungarian companies that are not primarily related to consumers, but to businesses and organizations.

One of the most important challenges for our 30-year-old company is to support the circular economy. Not only with our services, but also with our participation in various research projects and communication campaigns, we want to show how important a research laboratory is in the circular economy.

This is why the Superbrand Business Award 2022 is extremely important to us: it shows that ethical business management, value-based management with a focus on sustainability, scientific information and the circular economy, as well as quality communication, are important not only to us, they are important: it is also recognized by a panel of independent professionals.

WESSLING's financial stability has been scrutinized on the basis of the Bisnode database: a few dozen awarded companies have been selected from a list of around 4,000 brands following a professional screening. Our company also has the Bisnode AAA Platinum Excellence certificate, which is based on the rating of Dun & Bradstreet: WESSLING Hungary Kft. is a company that behaves fairly on the market and has an extremely low probability of insolvency. Only less than half a percent of the domestic companies have this recognition! Recognition by an independent international expert is an important message for our customers and suppliers, as well as for our employees: we are continuing the journey we started decades ago, fair market behaviour and credibility are our most important values.

And why else is the Superbrands Award important? Let's quote the biggest ones in the Hungarian marketing profession:

"Winning Superbrands is a clear message to the environment that the brand can still be trusted, and this is recognized and certified by a professional body," said Dr. Gedeon Totth, BGE professor and member of the board of the Hungarian Marketing Association, Chairman of the Committee of Experts of the Business Superbrands.

“Supers respond well to unexpected challenges, and the best will still be able to not only meet consumer needs, but also shape them,” Dr. habil László Vass, Rector Emeritus, College Professor Budapest at the Metropolitan University of Budapest, Chairman of the Superbrands Expert Committee stressed.

In addition to the two excellent professionals, the words of Andrea Duca (HD Group) are completely true of the WESSLING Knowledge Center: “A good company was on an economically stable footing in 2021, retaining its employees during the pandemic and even spending on their development and training." According to the expert, companies and brands will make even more of their reputation in 2022.

The WESSLING Knowledge Center strives for continuous innovation and does its utmost to serve its partners even better and more fully. Speed, high-quality services, professional commitment are the most important values we will not lose this year either.


And we are putting our services and research projects at the service of the circular economy more intensively than ever before.

WESSLING Superbrands Award in 2021 Again!

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