The scientific articles of the Journal of Food Investigation are available for free

In spring 2021, the Journal of Food Investigation (ÉVIK), the journal of WESSLING Knowledge Center (, became available for everybody for free, in Hungarian and in English.

The key topic of the second edition this year was written by Yakubu Haruna Gado and his colleagues, who present a conveniently applicable method for the quantitative determination of one of the most common food ingredients, fructose, with the application of NIR technique, from fluid state food.

Kuti Beatrix and her co-authors made a comprehensive study about the history of the nutrition labelling practice applicable in the European Union and the legal requirements currently in force. The research conducted by Kapcsándi Viktória and Hanczné Lakatos Erika examined the impact of the apple and banana flavorings added to the yoghurt on the shelf time of fruit yoghurts made by them.


Aleksandr Lukin’s manuscript presents the production and examination of mayonnaise sauces with functional properties. Authors Nagy Vivien and Diósi Gerda examined the structure improving and dietary fiber bearing properties of brewer’s spent grain (inactive malt), with respect to the organoleptic and chemical properties of salty medallions made from wheat flour, with the composition given in the Hungarian Food Codex.


On the basis of the agreement concluded with the Information Department of the Library and Information Center of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, the scientific papers of ÉVIK published since 2014 are given a Digital Object Identification (DOI), and owing to this, the articles of ÉVIK are a part of the repository of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences called the Hungarian Scientific Bibliography Database.